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1961 strat build.


New Member
Wow, great to see everything put together! Looks really great.

I don't think you've mentioned yet where you found the pickguard. What supplier would you recommend for a vintage accurate one?

Andy Eagle

Power User
A colleague had that one lying around for a job he never got. I'm not sure where he got it from but I was comparing with a vintage original and it is nitrate plastic very accurate. You can use a modern fender reissue as a pattern for shape and hole position and then find one with the right plastic laminate /material/colour to compare with . There are quite a few good ones out there but not reliably from the same supplier. Some guys use a blunt cutter to get the chatter in the bevel and get the countersinks right but most don't even start with the right plastic .If I was looking for one I would start with Crazy Parts in Germany . Don't assume everything they have is as good as each other. You really need an eye for tiny detail and check yourself. They have some clone quality parts but also some garbage and it not reflected in the price. learn to trust your eyes and not the writing. Also don't ever use even master built Fender reissues as a reference, only originals.
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