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18.07 - Delay 2 Bug [NOT A BUG]


Delay 2 is messed up on the MIX parm. The value wheel changes the percentage (which is defaulted at 100%) but the graphic knob on the display does not move according to the numeric value, It stays on 0% no matter what.
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Works fine here. Or are you referring to Axe-Edit? If so, post this in the Axe-Edit section.


I am working straight from the Axe FX unit. No AXE EDIT.

The value knob changes the percentages shown on the LCD but the graphic display on the know on the LCD does not move.


Here's a video of the issue... Hope it helps. I even tried reinstalling the firmware. Issue still exists.



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Here's a video of the issue... Hope it helps. I even tried reinstalling the firmware. Issue still exists.

Do you have a modifier attached to the mix parameter?

If you went to another preset, and added a Delay2 effect block, does it still do that?


18.07 - Delay 2 Bug

Select the Mix knob and press the Enter button on the front panel. What is listed as Source on the screen that pops up (the Modifier screen)?

I was gonna guess Modifier minutes after the OP was made. But the fact that the Value wheel changes the value is strange - I thought it couldn't do that. So curious to see what the Source is.

Thanks for the video. It ALWAYS helps to diagnose any problems. (Hint hint to everyone haha.)


OK - A modifier was assigned to the MIX level for Delay 2, but the max value was supposed to be 20%. Instead, the patch was stuck on 100%. I re-assigned the modifier and assigned the 20% value again and then the problem cleared up. This problem was present on all patches where I had Delay2 in use with an assigned modifier. Not really surewhat happened, but re-assigning the modifier on all patches resolved my issue.
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