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-10 / +4


Got my AxeFX today. Sounds great as usual, it was a big plus being adept at setting things up and getting going asap. I tried it in the loop of my Suhr Badger and it sounds great as an FX processor.
I'm going direct into my audio interface and I have a question. I'm using unbalanced cables (I think they are short but still guitar type cables?) out of OUT1 into my audio interface left and right. My audio interface has a software mixer where you can set the ins and outs to -10 or +4. Since I'm running unbalanced I have the ins @ -10. How should the outs be set? Does it matter on the soundcard? I get a ton of more volume and headroom with ins (from the Axe @ -10 and outs from the soundcard @ +4. But, I can set the outs to -10 as well. Maybe less noisefloor or something? The signal is definitely not as hot, but is using +4 just pumping up the signal artificially?
The output on the AxeFX itself is already @3 oclock on the dial. I don't want to crank any further.


Best bet-use the xlr's or digital out on the Axefx. Anytime you have the option to use +4 for recording, it's a good idea. It usually will mean better signal to noise ratio and less chance of interference etc. If you have to use standard guit cables to your interface, use the shortest length you can live with.

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