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#1 Les Paul To Be Auctioned

Les was working with Gibson on the design, and they didn't buy Epiphone until 1957.
Actually he was working in the Epiphone shop on Sundays when the floor was closed. He built the log, but that wasn't truly the les paul guitar, until he cut it in half and added "wings", that it became the "Les Paul" guitar.

Both Epiphone and Gibson told him to f' off at this point.

Credit.. Les Paul's website.

This story lines up with what I learned as a kid in the 70s. However the myth was that Epiphone actually made 1 and only 1 in 1948 or 1949 and I can't find anything anywhere about it. It was really the "Les Paul", minus the Gibson acoustic bridge with the "bar" as they called it.



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“It is estimated to be worth between $100,000 and $150,000, Christie's says.”

They weren’t that far off! Lol
It's like, you can't get a true appraisal of what something is worth unless you actually sell it. And that doesn't mean that another item of equal specs would then sell for the same price. You can state a estimate of value "based on what other similar items have sold for," but you never know.
I wonder what, if anything, this does to the value of 59 bursts.


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I was shocked to hear how 'low' that estimate was. My god, this is worth far more than a baseball or some other thing that imho means so little. But of course worth is only what someone is willing to pay.


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“It is estimated to be worth between $100,000 and $150,000, Christie's says.”

They weren’t that far off! Lol
All those auction places put those silly low prices on them to not scare away bidders with what they know it’ll really command. Christie’s had the same ludicrously low estimates on David Gilmour’s gear. Craziness.
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