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👽You asked for it, you got it!


I love the shirt though. I'll just wait for my FM9 invite and add it on at the same time. :)

ps. Not sure who just deleted my screenshot of the shipping costs, but I apologize. I have nothing but positive to say about FAS.. I was just as much in shock as @djiodoe was.
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...Tone so good, it must be from ANOTHER WORLD!

Sharing this here with a limited time sale price prior to announcing it to the world on Friday.

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That artwork rocks!

However, have you folks fixed the apparel sizing problem you had a few years back? The only time I purchased one of your shirts, I got a 2XL "just to be sure", but damnit, it was still smaller than any 'large' I already had. Looked nice but it's never been worn. :cry:

I hadn't even thought of the shipping... ouch! :eek:


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Where's the original thread where this was shown, I definitely asked for this specifically and now feel special. Yes I'll be buying this, lol.
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