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  1. Burgs

    My (new) YT utility preset. How much can you fit into one preset? Download it and see.

    I sit around and demo pedals, guitars, amps and software all day, most days, for Youtube, Instagram, etc. I use the Axe-FX III as my platform of choice 99% of the time because I can configure it to do pretty much anything I want, quickly and very well. With the advent of the quite amazing FW...
  2. Dynamic1022

    Bella Ciao -Acoustic on the fractal

    Last week i recorded Bella Ciao with my new Maton EBG 808 Nashville. For several years i didnt had a acoustic so it was time to get one again. I hope you like it. I made my own version of this famous italian song. Greetings, David
  3. kbrown455

    Axe-Fx III & Logic Pro X & YouTube Audio on a Mac

    I have been incredibly successful in failing to accomplish recording backtracks from YouTube into Logic Pro X on a Mac through Axe-Fx III. Does anyone know if this can be done? Thanks!
  4. orion32773

    Brett Kingman Live Chat June 27th 9PM EST

    Come join co-host Chris (The Guitar Pit) and I for a chat with Brett Kingman this Thursday at 9pm Eastern. I'm sure Brett needs no introduction on this forum, but if you don't know who he is, he puts out tons of great gear content and is an Axe FX enthusiast. Word has it he is responsible for...
  5. D

    Blocked videos on YouTube lately?

    What’s going on lately? Dsus2 is copyrighted?
  6. DrNick

    Something happy for a change...

    My December habit of getting some brief sketches up on YouTube as spilled into January. This one is brief and (oddly for me) happy! Most of my stuff is a very different flavor of moody. There are a number of layers, which get a bit muddied to me. I tried to use tricks of EQ and panning and...
  7. DrNick

    Spacey and heavy

    Somehow everything I write these days has these two flavors. I'm sure there's a genre for this stuff, but I can't keep track of the subgenera of metal. Anyway, each December I find the time to record and post a few things on YouTube. Only audio (and some artsy still images) this year. All...
  8. sskkmm

    Matchbox Twenty and Paramore Mashup

    This is pretty good.
  9. DrNick

    I made some videos.

    I decided to use my break to start to learn video production, and created a YouTube channel devoted to play-through videos for stuff I've written. It's all recorded with my trusty AxeFx II mark II! If you'd like, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80E2x2YYNM9fRTQMz1PT6g Thus far...

    YouTube channel discussing IR's, guitar tone etc. SUBSCRIBE!

    I'm taking my YouTube channel to the next level and starting to post content more frequently. I'll be discussing IR's, guitar tone etc. whatever people want to hear. My first objective will be to really explain how IR's work and what makes an IR "good" and ultimately once you have a good IR it's...
  11. kelstervonshredster

    Question about Axe FX II headphones output audio signal

    Hi guys, today I just solved a huge audio problem for me that was vexing me for months. I could not figure out for the life of me how to capture my Axe FX guitar signal AND desktop audio (27 inch imac) and record both audio signals into Quicktime using my Logitech 1080p Pro webcam. I have the...
  12. bwanagary

    MFC-Edit Videos on Youtube

    I posted these links on the FAS Facebook page per request but I duplicating them here in case. A couple of folks have asked me recently if there were any online videos to help with using the MFC-Edit for configuring the MFC-101 so I'm posting a couple of links here for those who are curious...
  13. Gytaxor

    Axe FX II in a video

    Hey guys, we just released a video we made in our practice space. Very simple, but good :) all the guitar tones are from AXE FX II. enjoy, like, share! Thanks for the support.
  14. Smittefar

    James Ryan Acoustic Patch (new video)

    Hey - I am very impressed with James's Ax8 videos (this is the 4th one) This patch for acoustic piezo patch is super cool - sounds great, I will try it myself tonight
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