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  1. York Audio

    Vendor York Audio Master Thread - Newest Cab Pack: HWAT 412 FN50 Lite

    To make it easier to find what you're looking for, click on the links below to jump to the introductory posts about these York Audio Cab Packs. HWAT 412 FN50 Lite ORNG 412 V30 VX30 212 BLUE FDMN 412 M25-V30 MRSH 412 T75 BMAN 410 P10Q MRSH M25 MES 212 V30 AMPG 410 HS VX15 112 Blue MES...
  2. York Audio

    (Video) A little melodic ambient vibe

    I probably could have played it better. I probably could have tweaked the tone more. I probably could have obsessed over a lot of things, but sometimes it just feels good to be human and play guitar. I hope you guys enjoy it. -Justin Here's the preset. I just tried it again and wish I...
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