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  1. Michael Engel

    Noatronic Wireless Audio and MIDI - finally!

    Hi guys. Full disclaimer, I am the founder and CEO of Noatronic, but as a long time fellow axe-fx user, I actually developed this product with us in mind. You may remember our first product from an earlier thread. The first product was the Noatronic Onboard Expression, which made a tone-knob...
  2. diezel013

    Future release ideas/suggestions... Edit preset order/setlists wirelessly

    I love my Axe FX... Though I much prefer using Axe Edit vs the actual controls on the unit. Lately, having to take my unit back and forth from gigs, I've been thinking, how cool would it be if there was bluetooth or wifi connectivity to IOS/mobile devices, and you'd be able to rearrange/edit...
  3. Flopro

    WTB Line 6 50-02-5010 4-Pin Input Jack

    A strange request.... Any fellow fractal friends living in the US willing to help me order a part and send over to the UK? Need a part for my line 6 wireless unit, but doesn’t look like they ship over to the UK, unless anyone can find anywhere else I can purchase from...
  4. brianv4

    Sennheiser XSW-D, Thoughts?

    I'm trying to cut my rack from 6 to 4 spaces. Contemplating ditching my D1 systems for the XSW-D. Anyone have experience with these?
  5. rocstar688

    AXE FX II wireless to MFC101?

    Queston... Anyway, (or is this just wishful thinking) to go completely wireless from an AXE FX II to the MFC 101. I currently run MIDI to it from the AXE FX II which also powers it. Trying to find a solution to eliminate the cord from the AXE FX II to the pedal.
  6. D

    Wireless IEM and wireless guitar system to Axe-Fx III

    Hi all, I will start by saying that I know what I am asking is a bit of overkill. I just want to know if people have done it and was it worth doing/what would you change? I am going to buy a axe fx iii and I am thinking of getting a wireless guitar system and wireless iem so that I am not tied...
  7. A

    Cable connection for AX8, Wireless, ISP and two expression pedals

    Hello, I need your help about the TS or TRS cables...I already know that expression pedals and the output of the AX8 require TRS, but I have some questions about that. I have 1 guitar, 1 Line 6 Wireless Relay, 1 ISP Power Stealth, 1 AX8 and 2 expression pedals (EV2 and Mission)....how would...
  8. L

    AX8 difference from interface to live setting. Help!

    Ive had my AX8 for a couple weeks now. To build presets and get everything dialed in for live use, I would sit at home with XLR out (L and R) into my Focusrite interface and have a stereo audio track in Logic to monitor. I got to a place after a few days of tweaking where I was VERY happy with...
  9. sskkmm

    Done with 2.4Ghz...order on the way

    Just too much interference around here, and really needed another excuse to get a new wireless system to fit in the Axe III rack...so I have a Shure QLXD14 on it's way (with a second transmitter). The G75 has been great, but as it won't fit in 1U and I don't want to have more gear to hook up I...
  10. sskkmm

    Line 6 G90 - still a good choice?

    I have a 4U rack.The Axe-FX III has 3 spaces, and thinking it is worth putting in a rack wireless since the G75 won't fit in there. Is the g90 still good, or a bit too old in tech? Better to go with a Shure rackmount? Thanks.
  11. guitarfreak365

    Front vs. Rear input on the Axe III

    I remember this thread bellow which highlighted how plugging in a guitar into the front input vs. the rear input on the Axe II sounded different. Is this the same with the III or will they all sound the exact same? I'm mainly wondering because I was hoping to plug my wireless into the rear input...
  12. guitarfreak365

    Going wireless worth the switch?

    I've been contemplating going wireless for a while now. First I wanted to hear from some people who have changed already to see if it was worth it to them. I play 2 times a week in an environment that it would be helpful. I'm specifically looking at the Shure GLXD14R but I'm open to suggestions...
  13. C

    New rig for 2018. #rackupgrades

    Pretty proud of how this turned out, so I figured I'd share. I had a patch panel made by redco (some items were added in preparation for an AxeFX III eventually) and replaced my aging X2 wireless with 2 Line 6 Relay G55s. For one song my band plays, our singer plays acoustic guitar through...
  14. scottp

    What wireless unit are you running with the AX8?

    I am thinking about getting a wireless unit. I have never had one before. For my main application it would be line of sight to the receiver about 20 feet. Max 100 feet to go out and listen to the mains. So what do you use and what would you recommend for me? Thanks. Also, For guys running the...
  15. actionjackson12


    Has anyone heard of Lectrosonics QUADRA Digital Wireless system? It's a 4channel transmitter/receiver that accepts both Analog and digital I/O, 2 Stereo Mixes or 4Mono Mixes. I use a Focusrite Scarlett 18i20 so w/this wireless system I could utilize the digital I/O options freeing up my Analog...
  16. CipherHost

    Wireless from AX8 out to PA board?

    Sorry if this is a dumb question, but I have never used wireless on my music equipment before. I did a quick search for wireless on the forum, but they all discussed was from guitar to AX8. I would like to know if I could go wireless from the AX8 to the PA board. Is it the same deal, or is...
  17. ghost219

    Pedalboard Wireless setup

    I know there's a thread for this in the Rigs thread BUT, I feel this applies more so in the AX8 group as we are completely floor-based. There's a lot of love for the Shure GLX-D16 units. Surely, there's more being used such as the Line 6 line, Audio Technica, or Sony or (your preference). Post...
  18. Smittefar

    Which in-ear transmitter/receiver do you use?

    I think we have some great options for running our guitars wirelessly (Shure GLXD and Line 6 Relay), but as long as there is nothing similar for in-ears, I cannot use it. Don't get me wrong, there are great wireless in-ear solutions out there, but a decent one is >€1000, and it still using the...
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