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wave format

  1. Roby Rocks

    Wish Tone Match/IR Capture .WAV Export

    I use my AxeFx-3 often to sampling acoustic instruments and guitar cabinet. I use Tone Match to capture Acoustic guitars, and IR Capture to create my own Impulse Responses. I Wish the option to export and convert in wave file (.wav 48KHz/24bit) my personal "User Cab" (.syx). I intend this ONLY...

    ML Sound Lab - MEGA OVERSIZE: First ML Cab Pack in .wav format

    THIS IS THE OFFICIAL ML SOUND LAB WEBSITE: https://ml-sound-lab.com/ 2019 starts with a bang. I probably have to start this with a disclaimer - ML Sound Lab is still working with Fractal Audio on official Fractal Cab Packs, nothing has changed and I still love you guys and will be an active...
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