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vox ac30

  1. AnswerInfinity

    Vox AC 30 Axe FX 3 vs. Kemper

    I finally got a chance to do one of these with the same IR. Here's my little go at it:
  2. muaddib

    VOX AC-30 Amplug

    HoHi For some reasons, I do really enjoy the VOX AC-30 AmPlug (v1) sound... my usual settings are "gain/tone" at 7 and volume at taste... Now, I never succeeded to get a similar feel with the AC-30 in my AX-8... but I wonder if anyone got the same "odd love for cheap AC sound" and succeeded to...
  3. Dynamic1022

    Dr Who Hank Marvin ( Cover)

    A cover from Hank Marvin The amps used for this song are a Morgan Ac20 Deluxe and the Vox AC30 For the preset i used Ir's from York audio and Austin Buddy On my Youtube channel you can find more covers i made. I Hope you enjoy. Greetings, David
  4. Al Rivero

    Vox AC30 with Valhallir.at IRs (V2-TBA65) - Original Music - Al Rivero - Shine

    This is an original track I put together at the request of Andy from Vallhalir.at days before Halloween 2019. He's going to be releasing a new cab pack based on a pulsonic cone, Alnico-Silver Celestion loaded Vox AC30 Top Boost from 1965 in the next few days so, he wanted someone to try it...
  5. orion32773

    ML Sound Lab VX30 Playthrough

    Here's a demo of the ML Sound Lab VX30 Cab Pack. If you are into Vox tones, Mikko Logrén IR's are the way to go. He has many other IRs so definitely go grab some if you haven't already. I'm a bit unfamiliar with Vox amps in general so this is my take on how I would use them personally.

    VX30 Cab Pack | Based on a 60s Vox AC30 with Pulsonic cones

    Quick link: https://ml-sound-lab.com/products/vx30-cab-pack Cab Pack "VX30" is an impulse response (IR) collection based on a vintage Vox™ AC30 combo from the 60s with highly sought after speakers with Pulsonic cones (same cones as in pre-Rola Greenback speakers). This is the sound of the...
  7. Mark Pritchard

    Friedman BE-100 & Vox AC30/ The Cranberries - "Zombie" Preset

    Hi all, Here is a Friedman BE100 C45 and Vox AC30 Preset I made with a Marshall 412 cab with V30's included. I'm using it in this video for The Cranberries - Zombie cover I done. Thought I'd do something different and play the vocal melody as well. Scene's 1-3 - the Friedman for the lead and...
  8. Bob G

    Favorite VOX AC30TB (Alnico Blue Speakers) Cabinet IR's ?

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping to find some of the best pre-mixed IR's for VOX AC30TB with Alnico Blue Speakers What are your current favorite ones from the various manufacturers in the IR game right now in 2018? Thank you for sharing!
  9. Dynamic1022

    Hank Marvin The Deerhunter preset

    Here's my Hank Marvin preset for the song The Deerhunter. Please leave a message or like this tread if you like it . I hope you'll enjou. For this song i used my Stratocaster USA Standard HSS With Custom flat 50's http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=6125
  10. Teej

    Brian May (Queen) at Wembley '86 Tone Attempt

    One of my favorite guitar tones I've ever heard is Brian May's from Queen's 1986 Wembley Stadium shows. Here is my best attempt at recreating it. I'm so grateful that my Axe-FX can get me so close to sounds like this. I certainly could never afford 3 vintage Vox AC30s plus effects just to get...
  11. marklumsley

    Class-A 30W Brt/Vox AC30 Brt Model Behaviour...

    Is it normal for the bright switch to be disengaged by default on the Class-A 30W Brt model? This isn't really a problem, just figured that it probably isn't supposed to default like that and thought it was worth pointing out if it wasn't, is all. For the curious: I'm using the latest firmware...
  12. Burgs

    Morgan AC20 with Treble Boost in front - Brian May Guitars demo (video)

    I had to demo a BMG Special for my channel yesterday. That meant I needed to come up with a reasonable patch that paid homage to the referred and revered tones of Dr Brian Harold May. I remember reading that the Morgan AC20 Deluxe was pretty good with a Treble Booster in front of it and it is...
  13. ownhammer

    OwnHammer 212 VX30 (V4) - Quantum 2 Firmware

    Hey everybody! Here are some clips of the newly released V4 OwnHammer 212 VX30 Impulse Response Library, which contains not only the iconic Alnico Blue speakers, but also the venerable vintage 'black back' 55 Hz G12M-25's. This library also contains an additional microphone, the SM58. All...
  14. pmella

    U2 - Where the streets have no name (Album Tone)

    Hi Guys, I wanted to share this track with you, it is based in The Joshua Tree Album Version, for the U2 Lovers :) I hope you like it!
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