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  1. Hoosierdaddy

    FC-6 and FC-12 Videos

    A SHOUT OUT !!!!!!! To those that have taken the time to do video`s on the NEW FC 6 and FC 12 `s I appreciate the sacrifice of time you took to give us the long awaited FC-6 and FC-12 video`s . I know "Read the Manual is important,,But for me and some others, "the Visual " helps so...

    Video - Went geek deep into comparing the Axe-Fx III vs Axe-Fx II

    So I wanted to play through the Axe-Fx III and the Axe-Fx II with quick switching to really compare the playability and feel side by side and came up with this preset that allows me to do so. Here's a video of me comparing some amps and different settings. The end result was that "maybe" the...
  3. SteveFireland

    New video from my band - AX8 content

    Recorded in my home studio using my AX8 and my Jackson KV2s and KV4 with a variety of EMG pickups. I'm using the Das Metall and 5153 50W Blue models, with the Cali cab. I preferred the guitar sounds before mastering, to be honest, they definitely lost something in that process, but oh well.
  4. guitarfreak365

    Axe FX III Video Reviews

    Anyone early on the waiting list planning on doing a full review on the AXE III shortly after they get the unit? Personally I'll be waiting till the FCs are available before purchasing but I'd really like to see what this new flagship can do! Seriously pumped for this unit and the future years...
  5. Smittefar

    More Brit 800 #34 goodiness

    I have been working on a new Brit 800 #34 preset this week, so when Leon (@2112) posted a demo today, I thought I would fix the last bits and pieces and make a short demo today. Leon uses an IR from a Mesa Boogie cab with V30s and gets some great modern tones. I am going for a more classic...
  6. DrNick

    I made some videos.

    I decided to use my break to start to learn video production, and created a YouTube channel devoted to play-through videos for stuff I've written. It's all recorded with my trusty AxeFx II mark II! If you'd like, check it out: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC80E2x2YYNM9fRTQMz1PT6g Thus far...
  7. theflinch

    Video - Where's The Keys

    Hi Guys, Not much of a poster on here as you can see lol. Had my Axe FX 2 for about 4 years I suspect though. Anyway here is a little composition featuring the Fractal, a Tom Anderson & Suhr. Think it was Quantum 8ish. Thanks, Mike
  8. Smittefar

    [VIDEO] AX8 with AxView DEMO

    I made a little video showcasing how easy it is to set up a simple rig with AX8edit and how much fun it is y to play with with the new AxView editor. AxView can be downloaded here https://www.roxxxtar.com/axview It's a bit longer than necessary. I did to little planning, but more...
  9. Smittefar

    800 #34 and two Les Pauls go to Paradise ...

    ... City I have the morning all to myself today, and I have been playing with the #34 the last few days. So, today I finally recorded a piece of Paradise City, which may be my all time favourite GnR song. I am not sure about the playing, but boy does #34 sound glorious. When the two guitars...
  10. bwanagary

    MFC-Edit Videos on Youtube

    I posted these links on the FAS Facebook page per request but I duplicating them here in case. A couple of folks have asked me recently if there were any online videos to help with using the MFC-Edit for configuring the MFC-101 so I'm posting a couple of links here for those who are curious...
  11. Smittefar

    [Video] Scene controller tutorial (short)

    I helped @cragginshred to set up some scene controllers, and then @Chiguete asked for the same thing. I decided to make a video. I build a preset from scratch with three scenes using the Brit Silver amp (Marshall Silver Jubilee) 1) Clean (ish) with some delay 2) Distorted Rhythm tone with no...
  12. Gytaxor

    Axe FX II in a video

    Hey guys, we just released a video we made in our practice space. Very simple, but good :) all the guitar tones are from AXE FX II. enjoy, like, share! Thanks for the support.
  13. Smittefar

    [video] AX8 as an amp in the room

    Hey I made a video, where I use my Ax8 with the EHX 44 Magnum power amp and a 1x12 regular guitar cab. That is as close to amp in the room, as you get. It works very well, I think, but in order to get the feeling, you need to turn your speakers up LOUD. Not only did I get the Amp in the room...
  14. TieDyedDevil

    Another video: LCW "Primordial"

    Recorded/filmed live. 8-string b3 Ring Master guitar > AFX II XL+ w/LF+ Pro+ floorboard > board Steinberger bass/cello > pedalboard > board acoustic drums > six mics > board. Guitar and bass monitored via in-room PA. Some ambience added via FX inserts on board. No compression or limiting. No...
  15. TieDyedDevil

    Here are a couple more performance videos

    Recorded live-in-studio, direct-to-stereo. No audio edits or postprocessing. Guitar and bass go direct-to-board (via AFX and pedalboard, respectively) and are monitored via the room PA. Drums are mic'd to recorder only. Room volume is quite low, around 95 dB average. This is improvised music...
  16. Fenris

    GOJIRA - The Heaviest Matter of the Universe Cover

    Hi guys. I love this song so I made a cover of it. The problem is that I used a sound VERY VERY close to the original, so you can't feel my guitars. I uploaded just the guitars on soundcloud, but they are on the video too haha I used a 5150 III and 2 cabs, the 5153 Mix and the PVH6160. If...
  17. Smittefar

    [VIDEO] Ax8 tutorials, tips and tricks - compiled list

    I thought it might be useful to make a compiled list of all the great Ax8 tutorials out there. I am not looking for all videos featuring Ax8 tones and a 'preset runthrough' is not really what I am looking for. But any video that shows you how to do something in the Ax8. There's a lot of great...
  18. Moke

    Video - Moke's Axe Fx ll Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial - Part #5

    Here is part #5 of my 'Preset Tour and Demo/Tutorial' videos. This one covers 5 more of my 'Song Specific' presets. And once again, lots more useful information on 'Internal', 'External', and 'Scene' controllers. As well as effect block routing. All of which also applies to the 'AX8' and the...
  19. N.Phaneuf

    Fuzz Face demo video

    Low ish quality but aims to answer how touch sensitive the drive block is. Hope you enjoy.
  20. Smittefar

    [Video] Using a (free) LUFS meter to loudness match amps and presets

    I made this video yesterday (for another thread) to show, how I use a loudness meter to match loudness between amps and between presets. Thought it could be useful for some. It works quite well, I think. I use MLoudnessAnalyzer from the free vst package from Melda Productions and Reaper ($60).
  21. Smittefar

    [Video] My Oh My - That Soldano (Solo 100)

    So @yek's amp series made me try the Soldano - And to me Soldano means Gary Moore more than anything else. It is good ... It is really good. So good in fact that I did something that you are not supposed to do - I started playing Parisienne Walkways. Here in Europe, it is a no-no on par with...
  22. TieDyedDevil

    Live-in-studio video

  23. Julien Meirone

    The Witcher 3 Metal Cover

    Hi guys, just like i said in a precedent thread, i made some guitars and bass reamps for the Youtube Channel Evilducky production and this time the mix is insane, chech this out ;) : I hope, you will enjoy it :). Cheers
  24. Julien Meirone

    Fallout 4 Metal cover

    Hi guys, I just released a new video with some friends and as usual the axe fx II sounds incredible, check this out and let me know if you liked. if you have been naughty, i will share the patches. See you.
  25. nznat

    Replace png files with vector images for much better resolution

    The program is great, but please can the graphics be upgraded to allow for vector based images throughout axe edit so they don't look so fuzzy. Also if axe edit had an options menu for graphics, then we could have the option to set which screen we are using at home or elsewhere. Most screens now...
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