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  1. M

    Van Halen Eruption delay effect (pitch drop)

    So I made a crude model of the divebomb effect at the end of Eruption in AXE FX III using a tape delay and modulating the motor speed and feedback using an expression pedal. You can hear it here. If anyone is interested I can post settings.
  2. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen I (Free Preset)

    Hi all, Here is a Van Halen 1 preset i've been working on, it has 8 scenes for 8 different songs. I've tried to match the recordings including the panning of the guitar and reverb. I've used a couple of stock IR's and a 3rd party one (Pete Thorn's PT20) I have to give @levipeto some credit as i...
  3. Mark Pritchard

    Van Halen - "Runnin' With The Devil" Intro (Van Halen preset in the making)

    Hi all, i've noticed lots of people have been trying to re-create that VH1 tone recently and i have been on the same trail. I've been working on this preset for a few weeks now and i'm trying to get close to each track on the first album. I saw @levipeto post his preset yesterday and i must say...
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