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usb audio

  1. J

    Independent monitors/headphones volume control

    Hi. Can I have independent volume control for headphones (output 1) and monitors (output 2 XLR) with Axe Fx III? It is working for guitar input by setting 'Copy Output 1' on OUTPUT 2 CONFIGURATION but i am struggling with settings this for pc/usb connection. Sound from pc always goes to output 1.
  2. vaultnaemsae

    VG-99 + GP-10 USB Audio as digital source for Axe-Fx II XL+ over USB Audio (via DAW)

    There are several threads here about failed attempts to use SPDIF to connect the VG-99/Axe-Fx II. Obviously, the different/locked sample rates proved to be an issue. I’ve posted about this issue on several forums throughout the process of trying to find an answer and I think this now is the...
  3. G

    Axe-Fx USB into DAW trouble

    Yo so my dumbass is trying to do AxeFx usb into Mac, out my scarlet interface and into monitors? Better way? I wanna keep the monitors through my interface so I can listen to shit but also want an axe fx direct into my DAW with USB because it’s way more clear than into the interface. Running...
  4. JRkelley

    Axe-Fx III Studio Setup questions

    Hello, I have setup my axe 3 as my main interface to my Mac via USB. I chose the XLR output 2 for my studio monitors so that I would still be able to simultaneously route to my amp via the Humbuster 1/4 jacks. Everything works, but It seems like there is a better way of doing this, since I am...
  5. Dunconia

    Computer Audio Volume

    Is there a workaround for adjusting the computer audio volume that is returned to USB 1/2? Computer is very loud compared to the guitar sound. So far, I’ve had to make sure to adjust volume sliders on all apps or videos before pressing play.
  6. h.c.e.

    Is there an equivalent of "USB Return Level" on the III?

    Sorry if this has been covered before, I've exhaustively searched the manual, and did a search around the forum first, but... Is there an equivalent on the III to the II's "USB RETURN LEVEL" parameter? I use my AxeFX with headphones and I'd rather not constantly chase the individual app audio...
  7. W

    [Not a Bug] [Solved] USB audio data loss while connecting to Macbook Pro

    I've had a pretty stressful last couple hours trying to solve this issue and I think I did. I just recently started recording via USB audio and everything was running smoothly, even though I have my Axe Fx II connected to my computer via a USB hub. Yesterday I dismantled my setup to clean my...
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