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  1. E

    Need help with the Ax8

    Hi, yesterday i got the ax8, it works fine until i want to use (USA model amps) if I use them there isn't output signal, even if i change to another amp that previusly worked the output signal would still be 0. To use the ax8 again i have to switch it off and turn it on . I noticed also that...
  2. Jack_Zan

    Dream Theater - "Strange Deja Vu" Tone Match

    hi guys, I tried to make a tonematch of the sound of petrucci from scenes from a memory, for me the best sound it had. I found online some isolated guitars from the album and so I got to work, for those wishing to try the patch the download link is in the video description! let me know about it!
  3. A

    HBE w/ ML Cab Pack 13 (Contextual)


    Vintage Fender Porn (watch at own risk!)

    The beautiful music you hear was performed by @harmaes (Harry Maes) using the latest Cab Pack - ML USA Combos. Thank you so much Harry! People please check out: http://www.harrymaes.com/ In this digital day and age it's easy to forget that behind every IR there's a real life counterpart, just...

    That sweet and juicy "Prince Tone"!

    I've been keeping it "real" with these past clips and recording the first thing that the sound inspires me to write. This time I wrote the happiest song I've done in years and I think it's because of the juicy and sweet attack of the "Prince Tone" sound. I'm revealing the next combo that will...

    New Cab Pack on the way based on VINTAGE FENDER COMBOS!

    SUPER EDIT: This Cab Pack was just released! Go get it from here: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Pack_ML_USA_Combos_p/fas-801-0031.htm I'm so excited to break the news here, especially as I can simultaneously announce that all the IR's have been shot. The launch will be wait for it...

    Bring on the sludge! (ML USA Citrus 2x12 Cab Pack)

    If you haven't heard yet this will be one of the next Cab Packs released by FAS. Read more here! It's based on two of the most popular modern 2x12 guitar cabinets: Mesa Rectifier 2x12 which you can hear on the left hand side of the mix with a Mark IV as the amp sim and an Orange PPC212 2x12...
  8. ProgressiveRocco

    USA on the road - West Coast Trip [March/April 2016]

    hey dudes! So, after years and years of procrastination I'm finally doing this! I'm gonna be spending two months in the US visiting California, Arizona, Utah and Nevada with a friend of mine, from the 7th of March to the 2nd of May! I seriously can't wait! Given the fact most of you guys are...
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