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  1. ProgressiveRocco

    Tribute to Eddie Van Halen (w/ free patch)

    I think it's safe to say Eddie's passing left a void in the guitar world that will never be filled. In my opinion there's never been anyone so influential, inspiring and creative as EVH, he took what Hendrix did 10 years prior and brought it to a whole other level. The electric guitar as an...
  2. RamboMadCow

    Best way to control feedback in live situations?

    So I'm hoping there are some very knowledgeable people here who can help me figure out the solution to this problem. I've been playing guitar for quite a long time, but I've not been in a live situation until recently. First the setup: My rack is an ESP LTD Snakebyte (with the hot Hetfieldl EMG...
  3. Matoshi

    Doctor Who 55 Years Tribute

    Hi all, Friday, 23rd November 2018, was the 55th anniversary of BBC's Doctor Who series. To celebrate the occasion, I recorded a tribute video, arranging a few of my favourite themes from the show into a medley that's centered around this year's 13th Doctor theme music. And, of course I had to...
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