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  1. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - S02E05 - Dial It in - The Best of times by John Petrucci + FREE preset!

    It's finally here folks! Thank you to everyone who have eagerly waited for this preset of ToneQuest!. In this Episode we are looking at the incredible tone from The Best of Times by the one and only John Petrucci! And yes, FREE preset as always on the Axe Change! Hope you guys like it! Cheers 😉
  2. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - Let's Dial it in - "Hysteria" by Def Leppard!

    It's here! Thanks for all the support guys. Since the channel has crossed a 1000 subs (which is incredible TBH), I am giving away 4 FREE presets this time, all which were used to record that playthrough of Hysteria by Def Leppard! Please don't forget to like the video and please let me know...
  3. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - S02E04 - "Hysteria" by Def Leppard

    Hey guys! ToneQuest - Episode 04 is out on YouTube and this time it's one of the most requested tones, Hysteria by Def Leppard. All guitars recorded via the Axe FX 2. Presets will be coming soon! Stay tuned on the channel and make sure you hit that like button! Cheers guys!
  4. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - S02E03 - Let's Dial it in - PLINI!

    Hey guys, hope you all are keeping safe and well wherever you are! The preset breakdown for the incredible tone from Every Piece Matters by Plini is out on my channel and the FREE preset is now available on Axe Change. Please give the video a thumbs up if you like the content and make sure you...
  5. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - S02E03 - Plini !

    Hello everyone, hope you all are keeping safe and well wherever you are. I finally tried out my hands at the incredible tone from Every Piece Matters by Plini, which has been one of the most requested tones on my channel. Hope you guys enjoy the playthrough, and please subscribe to support me...
  6. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest - Episode 5 - Some Eric Clapton this time + Free Preset

    Hey everyone! Hope you are all doing great! I just put out the 5th Episode for the ToneQuest Series out on YouTube. This time it's the Godly Eric Clapton. Hope you guys like it! The preset is up on AxeChange as always! If you do understand, these presets take time and effort to make so please...
  7. gurtejsingh

    ToneQuest Series + Free Presets

    Hey Guys, just starting out on the forum here and have had the Axe FX II for a while! I've started a series on my YouTube channel, called 'ToneQuest', where I am creating presets (using stock amps and cabs) for popular tracks and well chased guitar tones and sharing it with you all on the Axe...
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