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  1. chrisni

    NGD: 10s iCC-T Shell Pink Heavy Relic

    600$ including shipping to Germany from China. Roasted maple neck Locking tuners Heavy relic I will swap out the pickups, because the neck and bridge pickup sound almost the same. Really strange. I need to do some setup on the action etc, then it will be a really nice guitar.
  2. TubeStack

    NGD: Friedman Vintage T P90 Neck

    Picked this up today and love it! Super comfortable to play and sounds amazing. Love the neck carve and overall feel, so addictive, and the pickups are killer. Great local deal, got it used (it’s a 2018). Put some new strings on and adjusted the pickup and pole piece heights, otherwise...
  3. S

    FS Tom Anderson Hollow T Classic - Trades?

    EDIT: Open to trades for Strat/"S" Type guitar - Fender, Anderson, Nash, maybe LSL. Needs to be lightweight (ideally under 7 lbs - which may be a tall order). Would need cash on your end or a straight trade - but not looking to add money. Tom Anderson Hollow T Classic in Shell Pink. This guitar...
  4. AnswerInfinity

    A lil classic rock using a preset and an Italian Tele

    I made this lil tune: Using this tele: With the basic preset on the Axe FX ///:
  5. Rich Wood

    FS Fibenare Roadmaster ‘56

    For sale; Fibenare Roadster '56. Extremely well built by hand by Fibenare, it really feels amazing to play. The neck is really fast and easy and has an incredible and versatile tele tone. The guitar is in immaculate condition! As received from Fibenare and has been extremely well looked after...
  6. orion32773

    Smooth Lead Tele Tone Video

    I wanted to try something different other than high gain and see if I could dial in a smooth lower gain lead tone with my Tele. Check it out and subscribe for more content
  7. G

    Roy Buchanan

    Now A Good Roy Buchanan tone would be AWESOME! I know how important his hands where to his tone but what amps and settings did he use, for In the Beginning....American Axe etc. Thanks Greg
  8. Moke

    New 'Single-Coil' version of my 'Acoustic Simulator' Preset.

    Just added a new 'Single-Coil' version of my 'Acoustic Simulator' preset to the store. I've Re-'Tweaked' and Re-'Tone Matched' it to work with 'Single-Coil' pickups. Added the 'Tube-Pre' Amp block for 'warmth'. Added a 'GEQ' block with the '3 Band Console' type for easy EQ adjustments to...
  9. heanjurrera

    Moody ambient-driven bit featuring a Tele + AC30TB combo

    Hey all! Some small clip from the vault here, it's an old idea I still enjoy quite a bit and feel like coming back to develop at some point. Some slide guitar in there as well. And tremolo everywhere. Can't say what firmware I was using at this point unfortunately.
  10. J

    Recommend a Tele Bridge Pup

    Instrument - northern (hard) ash body (I think - I bought it off Ebay years ago before I knew there was two different kinds of ash), maple neck, stainless frets. It's a pretty bright guitar, but still has a good bit of bass, just not much in the mids area. The interior cavities have all been...
  11. A

    Best Country Rock Patches out there!

    Hi, I am a country rock player with an AXE FX 2 using an MFC101 Controller. Any Suggestions on Country Patches?
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