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  1. Hyper Planet

    Half-Whole Dim-Aug-Dim-Minor Arpeggios/Lines In 1 lick!!!

    Hey fellas here’s another lick off of my daily practicing! What’s your main approach on writing chops?
  2. Hyper Planet

    Bbmaj7 extended arpeggio solved into Whole Tone scale

    Do you use Whole Tone scale in your chops?
  3. Hyper Planet

    Tapping w/String Skipping Spice [Video]

    Hey dudes, what's your approach on tapping, who's your inspiration on that technique?
  4. Hyper Planet

    My new music inspired by Trappist 1 SYSTEM announcement

    This is my new music, inspired by TRAPPIST 1 SYSTEM announcement :), I used Vibrato Verb Amp and a single IR ML USA Silver SM57 The guitar is my one and only man an Ibanez RG1820 loaded with BNP-JUGGZ pickups, Mackie studio monitors and daddari American Stage Cable How does it sound to your...
  5. Hyper Planet

    8 bar comic guitar solo !! - ML Zilla cab-pack

    Hi fellas :), this is my 8 bar comic guitar solo I used ML Zilla Misha 04 Balanced IR from ML Zilla Misha folder, well you know sometimes I come up with something like this :) how does it sound to your ears ? Have fun :)
  6. Hyper Planet

    String Skipping + Slide Tapping + Alternate Picking in a lick

    Here's my today's lick with my blacky box :), I used Quantum 4.00 with a single IR from ML Sound Lab Zilla cab-pack Have fun :)
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