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tape delay

  1. E

    How to dial in a great tape delay in Axe-FX III

    Hi folks, new here, thanks for having me. TLDR - I can't seem to get an accurate sounding tape delay. There doesn't seem to be anything that replicates wow and flutter, tape splicing, crinkle etc. Am I missing something? The long version - I recently got my hands on an Axe-FX III, my first...
  2. Per Boysen

    Stack of Tape Delays is so cool when fiddling with the motor speed

    I really like the Tape Delay module. Here I'm having the sequencer switching the motor speed between half-speed and full-speed while non-synced LFOs wiggle the panning of different delays. I like the way that sounds, how the rhythm of those tape machines goes havoc in the background when the...
  3. J

    Former Kemper user, just bought axefx II

    Love the kemper but the effects are horrible. So , I just bought an Axefx II. Primarily interested in clean fender tones but I also use dumbly and holdsworthian overdrives. I haven't gotten my axefx yet but I have a few questions. 1) Will the built-in speaker impulses be good enough to get...
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