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  1. J

    || Tap/Hold functions and LEDs idea ||

    Currently, when you have a switch with both tap and hold functions, the LED does not do the best job of indicating what is happening with effects when using that switch. For example: the LED ring can be darkened or off even though an effect tied to that switch is on. How about this: Have a...
  2. M

    Where to send suggestions for new models, features, etc?

    Hi all. Got an AX8 and FX8 a few months ago. Love them both. Like anything though, there's always room for improvement, or at least addition :-) Is there an official approved process for sending suggestions up the flagpole for new features, models, etc?
  3. chugsandtone

    Suggestions for a 2U Rack Case for the Axe FX 2 XL+

    Hello Everyone, My last post was asking everyone over here to convince me to get an AXE FX 2 and it worked! I finally got the Axe FX 2 XL+ :) I'm planning to get the Gator GR-2S rack case. Is anybody over here using the case? Does the AF2 XL+ properly fit inside the rack? Is it durable ...
  4. Spencer Kienzle

    Request: Looking for Plini Tone

    Hey everyone! I'm brand new to all of this. I just got a Fractal AX8 and I am loving it. I'm looking for a Plini style tone to use. Anyone have any presets made, or any recommendations? Thanks!
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