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  1. Burgs

    Echos From God - vid and preset demo

    Yesterday morning, I stared out with bleary eyes from room 1420 at the Adelaide Hilton to witness a rather charming rain shower. So I stuck my iPhone up against the window and shot 9 seconds of footage in slo-mo. When I got home I imported it into Final Cut Pro X and slowed it down by 90%. I...
  2. Burgs

    ODS Clean and HRM with 8-string Oakland Axe Factory SS8. Vid and Preset.

    The more I use the ODS suite of amps, the more I love them. Yesterday I had to demo an an Oakland Axe Factory SS8 Stormtrooper which for all intents and purposes is a killer 8-string Strat. I created a 4-Scene preset based on the ODS Clean and HRM's to present it in all its glory. The video is...
  3. Burgs

    More float. Oakland Axe Factory SS8 & Space Verb 2 - vid.

    Yep, I know. I post too many of these. But, I like 'em. Oakland Axe Factory SS8 (we call it the Stormtrooper because of the look). You don't see many 8 string Strats around (any?). We designed this one to be clean first and extended second. So here it is with factory preset #379 - Space Verb 2.
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