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  1. mwd

    Axe III - Apollo Quad - Beat Buddy - Aeros Looper

    Currently I run my Axe III into an Apollo Quad with a single S/PDIF cable. Using the Console software I have Logic on one virtual channel and my iMac on another. Easy blend for my monitor mix for jamming to youtube lessons or backing tracks or recording sessions in Logic. Love the way it works...
  2. J

    Auto clock switching for Focusrite(Scarlett, maybe others) when S/PDIF clock unavailable.

    Wrote a utility to automate changing the clock on my focusrite Scarlett. I use the focusrite as my main audio interface, so when I power of the axe-fx III, I lose audio until I switch to an internal clock. Hacked together to learn a bit of golang(still have a lot to learn), from a naive...
  3. shredlocker

    Very low S/PDIF signal with Antelope Synergy Zen Go

    I want to connect my FM3 via S/PDIF to my Antelope Synergy Zen Go but I barely get a signal. When I'm in the 013 USA IIC+ preset and set the S/PDIF Out Source to Output 1 I get a signal which is -35 dB. If I change the out source to Output 2 and select to copy output 1 to output 2 there is no...
  4. VanDaven

    FM3 S/PDiF routing / signal flow

    I just received my FM3 and I am blown away by what it offers (even though I own the AXE-FX III). At the moment, it is connected to a Lynx HiLo via S/PDiF, examining an issue with a pretty low input level led to the following findings: • The FM3 S/PDiF output is dependent on the levels set on...
  5. Adder

    S/pdif for recording

    So I'm hearing that some of you guys are using S/pdif to connect to an interface. I was wondering how this equates to the regular main output XLR in terms of quality. As a digital output I would guess that this connection bypasses the AX8 D/A converter? One less process in the chain has to be...
  6. L

    AX8 & S/PDIF

    Hi everyone, after digging around I did find some topics related to the AX8 connecting via S/PDIF to interfaces but nothing helpful so far. I recently bought the AX8 and run it via S/PDIF into an Eleven Rack. If I run AX8 -> 11R -> Logic I need to have the assigned track for the AX8 selected in...
  7. JustinBourdeau

    Using Axe-Fx II for FX in Reaper?

    Hey guys, I've got a question for the routing and signal path geeks. I'm hoping I can explain myself clearly on this one: Before I start, here's the gear I'm using: AxeFX II Mark II Digi 002 Rack Reaper (DAW) I want to use my AxeFX as an FX box for my mixes in Reaper. For example, I'd like to...
  8. mwd

    S/PDIF What determines Master/Slave?

    I usually just fire my Apollo Quad to jam with my XL as I like the console function amongst other things. I'm hooked up via S/PDIF and the clock is set internal on the Apollo. I got a new AX8 and also hooked up S/PDIF. The sound was a bit fizzy and I read in another thread to hook up audio...
  9. CactusTone

    S/PDIF or Q7.0 Noise?

    Just started using S/PDIF to my Apollo 8 TB. Super easy single cable connection, but I'm getting some intermittent record player type "pops" in the sound now. I also updated to Q7.0 from the Beta. I did not get "pops" when I ran Output 1 XLR stereo into the Apollo in Beta. Has anyone noticed...
  10. istabile

    CHANGE I/O Settings via software?

    Hi to all, I'm looking for a simple information.... There are hopes to change I/O settings (switch analog1, S/Pdif...or FRONT/REAR) via software (Axe-Edit or midi)? I've the AXE-FX 2 in a far rack in my studio and I'd change all settings from remote. Any tips from you? Thank you :-)
  11. V

    XLR vs S/PDIF

    Hi All, Just wondering what the advantages and disadvantages are of connecting the AX8 via XLR or S/PDIF to a recording interface? I don't play live and do all my playing through a Saffire Pro 40 and studio monitors, and a bit of recording guitar through the AX8 with backing tracks. Is the...
  12. D

    S/PDIF vs USB vs TRS vs XLR-Best Sounding?

    The S/PDIF out seems harsh. I realize it does not go through any converters I assume on the Fractal and I know it does not when going into the Universal Apollo 8. Which if the above methods produces the best tone representation of the Axe? What does Fractal recommend? S/PDIFF is easy, and the...
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