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  1. sixtystring

    Wish Soldano Hot Rod (schematics included)

    I've been researching Silverchair's huge post-Frogstomp tone recently and found that they used Soldano Hot Rods. Not sure how different these are from the other Soldano models or other "hot rodded" amps for that matter. There's also video from back in the day where Leon mentions the HR-50+ is...
  2. C

    Soldano SLO + YA orange Cab

    Hey guys! Here is my VH attempt whit the SLO
  3. M.M.

    "Match" of a Jet City JCA22h (Soldano-ish)

    Did a blind test video for fun, got pretty close without much tweaking. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. M.M.

    FM3 and real amp blind test

    I started messing around with my amps and the FM3, and did a blind test just for fun. I'm also gonna do one with my Marshall Bluesbreaker combo. Used the same cabinet IR for both amps, with the real amp loaded down with a Suhr Reactive Load. Changed some "components" on the Fractal Soldano...

    I Just Play #5 - Ibanez AZ242F : Di Marzio Transition - FM3 : Soldano + Looper 🎸

    🇺🇸 One take clip with the sweet Ibanez AZ242F and its new Di Marzio Transition pickups and the Soldano X88R, X99 et SLO-100 models of the FM3 for the sound ! 👍👍👍 🇫🇷 Une impro “live” avec la jolie Ibanez AZ242F et ses nouveaux micros Di Marzio Transition et les modélisation Soldano X88R, X99 et...
  6. branskylar

    Axe-FX II XL - Soldano X88 Chromatic Thunk | Baritone Drop A

    All this time in quarantine helps the juices flow... Here's an annoying uncomplicated chromatic riff in C I built around. Guitar: Dean Gordon Guitars Virtus #23 | BFT Pickups: Rautia Guitars | Ratbucker 6 Amp: Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX II XL | Soldano X88 Bass: Heavyocity Evolve Mutations 2...

    —> 5mn avec un FM3 #2 - Presets 17 à 26 🎸

    —> 5mn avec un FM3 #2 - Presets 17 à 26. 🎸😊 Fender, Vox, Bogner, Soldano, Friedman, CAE3+ … 🇺🇸 Review of the Factory Presets 17 to 26 of the FM3. 🇫🇷 Passage en revue des Presets d'usine 17 à 26 du FM3.


    A guitar jam with 4 basic sounds : Fender, Vox, HiWatt and Soldano and with the effects on the Axe-FX III from Fractal Audio Systems (firmware 6.04). 😊🙃
  9. AndrewKirkland

    Tube Preamplifier suggestions

    I have an axe fx 2 xl plus that I love for recording. However I'd like to buy a tube preamplifier for direct recording potentially with IRs. The preamp will be going into a mackie 8 bus for eq or my metric halo. I should mention I like a really bright sparkly clean sound with my gretsch and am...
  10. Andrea Maccianti

    SOLDANO SLO 100 Patch (FW Q 9.03)

    New video, new patch :) Soldano SLO 100 Patch for Fractal Audio AxeFx2 and Fractal AX8. Has 6 Scenes. (FW Q 9.03) Scene 1 - Clean Scene 2 - Crunch Scene 3 - Lead 1 Scene 4 - Dirty Crunch Scene 5 - Lead 2 Scene 6 - Lead 2 + Wha I hope you enjoy! :)
  11. F

    Mr. Lynch preset

    Hi everyone- Here is my Soldano100 based patch. Straight-ahead rocker. Not really trying to copy Lynch tone per-se. But did try to make a patch with some of what he uses effect wise. S1- Rhythm S2-Octave S3-Wah S4- Lead AXY between rhythm and lead REV- XY short or long decay CS1- to cut a...
  12. Andrea Maccianti

    AXEFX2/AX8 SOLDANO X88+PEAVEY 5150 80's

    The "A.M. 80's Landau/Huff" has 4 Scenes. One of my own CUSTOM IR included.
  13. Andrea Maccianti


    I love the songs 80 years including this one. This song by Richard Marx and guitars by Mike Landau. Here I used my A.M. Patch 80's Landau / Huff Patch based on Soldano X88R and Peavey 5150. Has 6 Scenes. User Cab here. User Cab included. I hope you enjoy! :)
  14. Sustainerplayer

    The Instagram “challenge” - one minute songs

    A little while ago I started making short songs that fits the Instagram video format that is limited to one minute. I make a new song each week. I like the idea of having the limited time to present a “full song”. And that most people will hear it only once. Thus not challenging their...
  15. G

    Steve Lukather Soldano X88R preset

    FOR THOSE WHO JUST WANT TO ROCK, THIS PRESET USES A USER CAB, SPECIFICALLY OH 412 MAR-CB V30 57-04, WHICH YOU CAN GET HERE: https://www.ownhammer.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=164&products_id=374 The preset, scene description and (out of date) sound clip are at the bottom of...
  16. Cobrango

    Behold, Satan \m/

    I did a thing
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