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  1. Noriuky73

    My new single teaser - axe fx 2 mk2 everywhere !!

    Hi guys ! A little excerpt of what i didi this last months at home ... a big effort for a 9 minutes songs which starts with Orchestration and ends with prog-metal stuff I will make it downloadable for free on Bandcamp ina couple of days feel free to comment and ask whatever you want about...
  2. X

    Testing my new chain (MLSoundlabs, Slate Digital, CabIR.eu)

    I was just testing an IR I shot using my standard DAW signal chain and exporting it back out to the AxeFX. It also contains an ML Sound Labs Cab from Pack 20 and a room mic from the CabIR.eu Orange pack. I added the room mic at -5dB in a stereo UltraRes cab block. Both cabs are panned dead...
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