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skid row

  1. diezel013

    Highlights from last night's show (using Axe FX III)... Featuring Rush, AC/DC, G n R, Boston, Billy Idol, Metallica, Def Leppard, Journey and more!!!

    Just pluggin' in the Axe FX III straight into the house. Featuring my Angus Lead patch for Highway to Hell, my Alex Lifeson patch for Tom Sawyer, my Boston and Def Leppard patches (Thanks to Leon Todd's Rockman tonematch... THANK YOU LEON), my Crunch Berries patch for Metallica, and more. I've...
  2. SalazarMcMantis

    Skid Row - Monkey Business

    #1 Here's a preset I've been working on for a bit. This works for most of the Slave to the Grind album. The cleans are tone matched while the heavy tones are by ear (and probably not that accurate). I'm still working to make the heavy tones closer to the original, as well I'm working to setup...
  3. ProgressiveRocco

    Skid Row - "I Remember You" (full cover w/vocals)

    What's up dudes!! Here's my latest collaboration cover with good buddy Stefano Como, one of my all time favorite power ballads :) Since the AxeFx III has been announced, I wanna dedicate this song to the AxeFx2 lol :D I've used my latest patch (patch #3 - 80s Modded Marshall) with quite a bit of...
  4. ProgressiveRocco

    SKID ROW - The Threat cover video

    What's up guys! Last cover of 2017! :cool: This time I've teamed up with my good buddy Stefano Como on vocals! Our take on one of our favorite Skid Row songs off Slave To The Grind \m/ check it out!
  5. ProgressiveRocco

    18 and life solo

    love this solo! another classic by Scotti Hill!
  6. ProgressiveRocco

    1987 Charvel Model 2 - SKID ROW - I Remember You SOLO

  7. 2112

    ADA MP-1 Style Preset

    I've done my best to match the sound of my original MP-1 with the AX8 with this preset, which leans towards the more metallic scooped sounds the unit is capable of. For a more authentic hair metal tone, try crank the mids a little more. Scene 1 and 2 are both based on the Tube distortion...
  8. ProgressiveRocco

    SKID ROW - Youth Gone Wild SOLO COVER video

    Happy New Year guys!! What better way to start off 2017 than with some Skid Row? One of my all time favorite bands! I absolutely LOVE this song! Solos are panned hard left/right like the original
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