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signal flow

  1. JRkelley

    Looper best practices

    Looks like most players are using the Looper block at the very beginning of the signal chain or within a send/return right before the output block. What are the benefits of each approach, and are there other ways of using this that might be better?
  2. Juan Carlos

    Signal chain using Boss ME-70 + MXR EQ + Comp, etc for a Godin A5

    Hey there, I'm new here an I'm looking for good advice since I'm having some trouble with my "end sound-color/ton" with my current signal chain. I read a lot of the guidelines about it in the net time a go. I understand the basics of a signal chain. I play as a rythym guitar in an acoustic band...
  3. C

    Signal path question/help

    I was wondering if the following is possible to set up with the Axe FX II XL+: Inst -> AxIn1 -> [some blocks] -> AxOut1 -> RealPedals -> RealAmpIn -> RealAmpLoopSend -> AxIn2 -> [some other blocks] -> AxOut2 -> RealAmpLoopRtn and if so, how I may go about it. Thanks in advance, C.
  4. CactusTone

    Two Amp Blocks Gives Signal Bleed

    Hello Fractal Forum! Just got my XL+ about 10 days ago and for the last 3 days I've been trying to figure out what I'm doing wrong with my attempts at making presets with two amp blocks. The problem is that I'm getting dry signal bleed from somewhere, even though I'm only running one amp block...
  5. D

    Using an Axe-Fx II XL with a Two-Notes Torpedo Live

    Hello everyone! I just got here, this is my first post! I am diving head first into the realm of digital metal making from home! I have a myriad of amps I'm going to be taking profiles of to share with you guys, but first, I'd like to make some awesome recordings! lol I have a Torpedo Live...
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