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  1. Valdolopezz

    Friedman with Kiesel Vader 8 solo/rhythm

    Hey guys, recently i tweaked some parameters with Friedman model and Mesa cab IR and i liked how it sounds with my Kiesel both rhythm and solo. Here is a little demo jam with my buddy Aaron, drummer from Interloper. Cheerzzzz
  2. A

    Opeth - Heir Apparent cover. Friedman amp

    This is my first project using the FM3. However, there's also two quiet guitars at 80% panning which are recorded using a real EVH5153 with Fredman Catharsis impulse response. I 've tracked them before I received the FM3 and I didn't want them to go to waste ;) I 've used Superior Drummer...
  3. B

    Skype Guitar Lessons with Galactic Empire/Powerglove Guitarist

    Hey everyone! My name is Ben Cohen. I am a Fractal Audio Artist, and guitarist for several internationally touring metal bands (Galactic Empire, Powerglove, and Lattermath). Due to tour cancellations from the pandemic, I have some availability over the next few months for Skype guitar lessons...
  4. Stel Andre

    Melodic Shred by Stel Andre

    Hi all! Just recorded a cool melodic shred video. I was a bit inspired by my favourite guitarist, Marco Sfogli. Tone comes from my Kiesel Aries 7, plugged straight into my Axe-Fx 2. Hope you guys like it! Cheers and thanks for watching!
  5. Igor Paspalj

    Full Throttle :)

    Hi Everybody, Is there a better way to spend my only day off from playing guitar every night on stage? Yes, there is - playing guitars at home!😂 Here's a few "subtle" notes on a beautiful Sunday morning!😎😅 GG Charvel and Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro. Backing track is from N&M creation. Hope...
  6. Stel Andre

    Shredding with my Kiesel Vader!

    Hey all! Just received my new Kiesel Vader and I really love how good it sounds along with my Axe-Fx 2. Did a shredding jam few minutes ago. Hope you guys like it!
  7. Igor Paspalj

    "Uncle Satch"

    Hi Everybody, I've came up with this little theme today while jamming, and it reminded me on some early Satriani stuff, therefore, I am gonna call it "Uncle Satch" :) Ibanez Premium "Custom" and Axe Fx 2 into Logic X Pro, Hope You gonna like it, Cheers!
  8. Igor Paspalj

    Full Metal "JackAss"

    Hi everyone! Here's a little tune I came up with today while watching "Full Metal Jacket" for the xxx time :) My Ibanez Premium "Custom" and Axe Fx 2 straight into Logic X pro. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  9. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Monster Medley

    Hi everybody, Shreddelicious Sunday it is! :) I've made this little medley from some of my favourites Yngwie's tunes and excerpts, and to make things more challenging, I've bumped up certain parts bpm sky high :) P. S. - EXTREME Shred content! :) YJM Fender Stratocaster mark I and Axe Fx 2...
  10. Stel Andre

    Stel Andre - Shred Jam

    Hi all! Here's a quick solo I did over a cool backing track, for the Jamtrackcentral's, Jam of The Month Facebook thingy. So i hope you guys like it! Tone is coming from my custom made patches on my Axe-Fx 2 and more info about them is in the video description on Youtube. And also using my sweet...
  11. Fenris

    Graveyard Disciples Solo (Black Label Society Cover)

    Hi guys, I recorded this solo yesterday. I wanted to test my XVive by recording something, and well, I always enjoyed this solo so... why not? It has been recorded with Firmware Ares v1.03 and Brit AFS100 1.
  12. J

    Epic metal track (NEEDS SOLO)

    Just finished this track! All guitars are axe 3 presets I made today. This one came out cool. I feel like the outro fade out section could really use some more skilled shredding than I can do! If anybody is interested hmu! Peace
  13. Mats Lexell

    Shred & Djent meets Dubstep

    Hi ya'll! If you haven't yet seen Andrew Huang's show "Four Producers One Sample" you're missing out! It the last episode Virtual Riot was over and made and awesome track, so awesome I had to make a guitar remix of it :D Cheers!
  14. Recon24

    Valley of Fire - Solo - Friedman 2018 + ML Legends

    Had some fun writing a quick solo over the Valley of Fire backing track Jason Becker recently released. Using the Friedman 2018, just running drive at 7 and all other settings default. Definitely a different flavor from the older V1/V2 versions I usually use, inherently more open and...
  15. Mats Lexell

    Shredding to some sweet pop music

    Hi! Got a new video up on the tubes, check it out!
  16. Igor Paspalj

    Blitzkrieg - original tune

    Here's some "progressive"-ish stuff of mine. Blend of a Dream Theater/Paul Gilbert/Yngwie Malmsteen styles, kind of...TOO MANY NOTES, anyway! Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it :)
  17. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - 'Vivace'

    HI everybody, Here's my take on Yngwie's Orchestral Suite -Vivace. Although I am not listening to him that much lately, every time I run into his stuff puts a big smile on my face Axe Fx2 as usual, with my YJM Stratocaster straight into Logic X Pro.
  18. Igor Paspalj

    DT - “Erotomania” solo cover - ML cab pack

    Hi all, Here's my take on one of the coolest John Petrucci solo's imho :) Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 as usual, this time with my custom scalloped Ibanez premium and very cool ML sound lab USA traditional 4x12 ir. Hope you gonna like it, Cheers!
  19. Igor Paspalj

    Paganini - 24th Caprice

    Hi guys, Here's my version of Paganini's 24th Caprice. I mixed my own variations with some of the original violin ones. Axe Fx 2 and YJM Fender Stratocaster into Logic - Lot of fun!
  20. Igor Paspalj

    240bpm Flight of The Bumble Bee

    Hi guys, Here's one challenge I took, trying to execute Flight of The Bumble Bee on 240bpm :) It's not 100% perfect, and my right hand is gone, but it's a lot of fun, lol Fractal Audio Axe Fx 2 and my YJM Fender Stratocaster straight into Logic X Pro. Awesome backing track is from Luis...
  21. Igor Paspalj

    Late Night Jam

    Hi guys, Here's one late late night fusion-is improvisation over one cool ''elevated'' backing track i run into. It's 100% improvisation, so few hiccups here and there, but came up with some interesting Themes I think. Anyway, Axe Fx2 and Charvel Guthrie Govan signature straight into Logic X...
  22. syndrone

    Entirely self-produced quality instrumental guitar album here (all Axe-Fx II)! :)

    Hi people! I released an entirely self-produced instrumental album in March and I`m sure some people in here might have some fun listening to it. It got loads of melodies with shreddy moments, all wrapped up in a futuristic and post-apocalyptic sounding environment..... Pretty happy how it...
  23. Fenris

    MEGADETH - "Tornado of Souls" (FW Quantum v9.03)

    Hi there, I just recorded this song from scratch with a friend 1 tone below the original. I used Brit JVM OD1 Rd for Rhythm gutiars and Brit AFS 1 for lead. Bass was recorded with USA BASS 400 2 and some distortion using Fat Rat. If anyone wants the patches I still have them. Hope you enjoy it!
  24. Igor Paspalj

    Monster Arpeggio Sequence

    Hi all, Here's one shorty I came up recently, which is gonna be included in my guitar instructional video I need to shoot for one company. Used my trusty Charvel GG and Axe Fx2, of course :) Every feedback is highly appreciated. Hope You gonna like it :) Cheers!
  25. Moshermax9

    2003 Fender Showmaster

    I just picked up this 2003 Korean Fender Showmaster, and absolutely love it! But I can find very limited information on specs on it. I do know it was fenders last shot at a superstrat before acquiring Charvel and Jackson. I can find most specs from older reverb posts, but nowhere on what pick up...
  26. Sunny12

    New Album - Crazy Solo Playthrough \m/

    Hey guys, Been a while but here's a (pretty hectic!) solo from my band Prospekt's new album released next week - completely recorded with the almighty Axe FX and mastered by Jens Bogren! :) Hope you enjoy and thanks for watching! Cheers!! Lee
  27. Igor Paspalj

    Yngwie Malmsteen - Arpeggios from Hell cover

    Just lost 5 kg playing this stuff :) Anyway, since I've recently obtained YJM signature Stratocaster, it was perfect excuse to cover something from master :) Using Axe Fx II, of course :) Hope You gonna like it. Cheers!
  28. Sacha

    Metal Instrumental featuring Andy James - Q6, ML IRs, GGD Drums

    Hi fellas I made a new track and my buddy Andy James was nice enough to lay down a solo: Checkitout!
  29. Igor Paspalj

    Andy Timmons - Groove or Die Theme

    Hi guys, Here's one theme, not whole song, from amazing Andy Timmons, but what a theme! :) This one's really hard to execute, so pardon me for few minor glitches here and there. Anyway, recorded with my Axe Fx II and my custom Ibanez with scalloped neck. Hope you gonna like it! Cheers!
  30. Kjaris

    Kartakou TS Overdrive into USA IIC ++

    I had the pleasure to demo a really cool Guitar pedal from Kartakou Amplification called the warmer overdrive. Here's the song I wrote for the demo with a cool solo in the middle. First time I've used an external drive pedal with my AxeFX II I used the new IIC++ model and am quite happy with the...
  31. reverweb

    Listen my New Instrumental Song - Axe Fx II w/ cab pack 13

    All guitars recorded with Axe fx Ii cab Pack 19. Real Drums Real Bass Standart Tuning
  32. TheTrooper

    Jason Becker/Greg Howe inspired Lick

    Hey guys, I'll leave you with this cool lick. Amps are a PVH w/ Basketwave TVmix and a USA PRE2 YELLOW with JP V30. One amp is panned 100% R and the other 100%L I added 2 Dual Delays (Both 1/8Dot and 1/4) (again, one is all to the R and the other all to the L) and a Reverb (in the center). The...
  33. Cobrango

    Shrediagonal - updated lesson with neck diagram built into the video

    Hello everyone! first post on the new forum, yay. I've just updated my shrediagonal lesson with an added neck diagram, less need for tabs :) I've had a lot of comments and feedback on this one in different groups, people really seem to like the built in diagram - 4500 views in a week on...
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