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  1. Conley Shepherd

    Finally at a place of comfort with the Axe-Fx III

    well, been 2 months and finally at a place where I am happy with the setup. I am able to access all scenes on demand with no clicking up and down the list, the looper, tuner, tap tempo, external controllers, patch changes with controller display of patch and scene selection. The controller shows...
  2. Conley Shepherd

    New Voes MX-12 - how to program for looper?

    I just got my MX-12 a couple hours ago and I really like the way it interrogates the AF3 for patch names and such. scene selection is a breeze as well. basic setup is pretty easy. I am able to get 5 p[resets and 4 scenes out of the box with tap and tuner in the window. Nice! The ability on...
  3. J

    Newbie Setup and Monitor questions

    Hello, I just got my axe fx 3 and I'm loving it! And I hope this is the correct area to ask this question. But I have a question on how I should setup my audio equipment for my very casual playing situation. I'm a casual bedroom player (not doing professional work anymore) and I like to play...
  4. 4

    New user, need help setting up Axe Fx 2 and Cubase, please!!

    Hello all, I've got an Axe-Fx II, new to Axe-Fx, and Cubase 8, new to Cubase as well. I've been looking around online all day and have decided that I need some expert help. Basically what I want to achieve is to just be able to record some guitar parts on my computer over an audio track or...
  5. F

    Programming EXP controllers with Axe Fx II and Boss Es-8

    Hi guys Swear this ES-8 will be the death of me but here goes nothing. So most functions I've sussed out to control the Axe Fx II, however I cannot for the life of me get expression pedals working. So this is what I am using to control the axe fx: - Boss ES8 - Mission Engineering SP1 (to turn...
  6. J

    Wish Setup menu via Axe-Edit

    the entire setup menu should be editable via Axe Edit. Especially the midi settings
  7. Moshermax9

    Removing Rust for Ibanez Zero Resistance Tremelo

    I've finally been really getting to the down and dirty in caring for all my guitars. (Polishing, fret polishing , condiitoning the fretboard etc ) But I honestly have no clue how to clean up my ZR tremelo on my Ibanez S520EX. I've been pretty religiously using the Nomad products they have worked...
  8. J

    Setup suggestions for live gigs with Axe fx II :)

    Hi everyone, Noob here. I was wondering what would you suggest for live performances with the Axe-fx. I currently use a solid state amp and do it directly from the output 1 of axe fx. But i will not be carrying the amp everywhere so need a setup that would not change the tone from Axe fx xl+...
  9. C

    Using the AX8 with a real amp

    All I have read the owners manual, and I am not new to the AX8, but after discussions with a few other Fractal users, I found there seems to be a few different ways to do this thing, and wanted your thoughts I use my AX8 with a real amp. Mesa Dual Rectifier. I sometimes use the AX8 for just...
  10. M

    How to set up an Axe Fx 2 XL+?

    Hey all! I know this question is probably really annoying to a lot of you, or super simple, but being someone who never really dabbled in the world of amp modelers I need some advice. Basically I'm gonna be getting an Axe Fx in the next few months, and I want to know... Do I need a power amp? If...
  11. bfinn19

    MFC Setup & organization suggestions

    So I'm helping a friend get set up with an XL+ and a MFC 101 Mk III. He's a very good musician but not too tech savvy. He's given me a list of amps & effects he'd like, and its pretty easy to get in the ballpark with some patches. The challenge for me is the MFC config. I'm thinking of giving...
  12. J

    Stereo issues / Set-up problems?

    Hi everyone, I am running an AxeFx 2 with a mesa 50/50 power amp into two 2x12 cabs. While it sounds good I seem to have lost some 'tightness' and bottom end. I also think I am hearing some very minor modulation when I let notes ring out. I have gone through the IO menu and made sure...
  13. shreddykreuger1975

    Adding a GCPro along side MFC-101

    I dug out my old Ground Control Pro and hoping to use it right along side my MFC-101 (MK3) either to be a dedicated looper control or to change scenes. Has anybody done this??? I went midi outto the AXE FX II XL and could send some messages to the Axe but... can I go midi out from the GCP into...
  14. KSPeace

    any reason to use 2 midi cables hooked up to GCP?

    Just ordered an Axe Fx Ultra, I have been using the 11R and finally decided to upgrade! The unit should be here in the next couple days, so for the moment I am stuck preparing and modifying everything that will be supporting the fractal unit! I know there were some things on the 11R that...
  15. SirJager

    Rhythm to Lead Live - What's your setup?

    This post is mainly for live situations but feel free to add anything. What is your "go-to" way for getting from rhythm to a lead sound in a live setting? Coming from a Marshall with only a few pedals (Ibanez Tube , Delay) that I used before, I use that basic mindset for constructing my live...
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