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  1. K

    Friedman BE/HBE SAT switch

    Hi fine folks! I have been trying out the sat switch on the Friedman models and have noticed that the Saturation Drive is default on 4(like any other amp), while other amps that use the diode/jose sat switch have another default value. (Atomica high: 3, CCV: 3.330 or 10, Brit Brown: 6.667). Im...
  2. brianv4

    Assign Modifier to a Footswitch?

    I'd like to make footswitch 5 engage the amp's saturation parameter for my plexi preset. Can it be done?
  3. F

    When should I use the saturation controls?

    I see in the basic tabs of amps these 3 controls... Saturation switch with off, ideal, and authentic. Beside that I see saturation drive. What's all that mean tone wise? I can't seem to hear what its doing when I play with those other than the guitar volume gets louder or quieter. Do you all...
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