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  1. Burgs

    9.01 Rumbles

    I had cause to update my recent Rumbles (Dumbles) preset today. Dano sent me a very cute '59 DC NOS+ to demo. I tried a few things but my D's preset seemed to trigger the best in me and the guitar. So I've updated it (very few tweaks) to 9.01 and now offer it to you to hopefully have some fun...
  2. Burgs

    Burg's Dumbles. Preset demo and free download.

    Following on from my Carol-Ann and Marshall efforts, here's one that features the tones closely associated with one Mr Alexander D. I hope you enjoy it after you've tweaked it and had a laugh at the video. Cheers! Preset link: http://axechange.fractalaudio.com/detail.php?preset=7072 Video demo:
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