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rock guitar

  1. AnswerInfinity

    Fun Use of Tremolo Block in a Rock Tune

    Wanted to share this 24 hours before it's actual release. I used the heck out of the tremolo effect to get the pulsing sound. Elsewhere in the tune I'm using some Marshall sims and an Orange Rockerverb rig that I made and use all the time.
  2. andrémusic

    New original collab track - Blitz II + Ambient Guitar + Sithu Bass patches

    I hope everyone is doing well. Sharing a new collaboration song friends and I released yesterday. Clean & Rhythm guitars and bass recorded with my Axe FX II XL+ Rhythm Guitars - Blitz II - Patch #340 Ambient Guitar - Patch #328 on the Unit Bass patch -"Sithu Bass"...
  3. Andrea Maccianti

    Sycamore Tree - Hall Of Mirrors

    Hall of Mirrors by Sycamore Tree. Sycamore Tree was my band born in the mid-90s. Unfortunately this song should have had the voice, it was composed to be sung... Maybe in the future who knows... I took an old recording of the era and reprogrammed, arranged and played all the instruments. All...
  4. P

    Instrumental: Cruse Control: Featuring Axe II and Dimarzio vs. Duncan

    Here is a jam I did trying to convince myself which pickup set i liked better. All Heavy Patches are FAS MODERN with BOSS OD1 Stomp up front and METAL 4x12 CAB (from Axe 1, converted) Intro Guitars are EMG 81 both sides and melody swells Solos in order: Dimarzio Titan Bridge Seymour Duncan...
  5. Andrea Maccianti

    BRIT 800 + 2 Custom Cabs - Guitar Improv

    A quick improvisation to test my new BRIT 800 Patch and 2 of mine Custom Cabs.
  6. Misfit74

    Down - Stone the Crow (clean) Preset?

    I'd like feedback as to what people hear being used for the cleans in this song? Chorus, or maybe subtle Phaser? Delay? I'm thinking of using a Taylor acoustic patch (axechange) and adding some chorus to start with but want to get it right. Thanks. Sounds start when guitars open this YouTube...
  7. Igor Paspalj

    Here's one original instrumental for a change :)

    Hi Folks! Since I always share here some covers, here's, for a change, one of my original instrumental songs I wrote some 5 years ago, and just found some video shots for it, shooted also while ago, so I decided to compile quick video for it :) It's recorded with Axe Fx of course, so, hope You...
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