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    Problem: Ax 8 switches respond too late

    Hello, Checking out my second hand bought Ax8 and I have two things I don't like and that I hope are adjustable: 1 When I press any main button softly it doesn't seem to switch every time, now it even feels like I almost have to kick it te get from one preset or scene to another. Can you...

    IR 101: Read this to learn what makes a good IR!

    Disclaimer: I am an IR producer for Fractal Audio Systems. I believe I create the best IR's on the market. (as I'm sure every IR producer does) In this video I will be mainly discussing my own way of shooting IR's. Microphone positioning Old school: run between the control room and live...

    Cab Pack: ML USA Djent (Misha Mansoor collaboration)

    One of the main questions we've been receiving even before launch has been "do we need another Mesa Cab Pack?" so me and my good buddy Misha "Bulb" Mansoor are here to tell you that yes we do: Feel free to ask any questions you may have and remember! Cab Pack 13 will still be one of the best...

    YouTube channel discussing IR's, guitar tone etc. SUBSCRIBE!

    I'm taking my YouTube channel to the next level and starting to post content more frequently. I'll be discussing IR's, guitar tone etc. whatever people want to hear. My first objective will be to really explain how IR's work and what makes an IR "good" and ultimately once you have a good IR it's...

    Introducing: The ML Brit Family IR Collection

    CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION The existing "based on Marshall" Cab Packs are no longer tied to the large premium packs but instead you have some new cool options. #1 THE ML BRIT SAMPLER PACK - IR's from all 10 Cab Packs limited to the top right speaker Ace single mic IR's and one mix IR - 10...

    Need your opinion! Comparing three different 4x12 cabs.

    Hey girls and boys! I'm trying out quite a variety of cabs right now for upcoming Cab Packs and all of these three cabinets sound really good in my opinion. I'd love to get some feedback from you guys and maybe you can point me to the right direction on which one you'd like to see next. This is...

    Vintage Fender Porn (watch at own risk!)

    The beautiful music you hear was performed by @harmaes (Harry Maes) using the latest Cab Pack - ML USA Combos. Thank you so much Harry! People please check out: http://www.harrymaes.com/ In this digital day and age it's easy to forget that behind every IR there's a real life counterpart, just...

    That sweet and juicy "Prince Tone"!

    I've been keeping it "real" with these past clips and recording the first thing that the sound inspires me to write. This time I wrote the happiest song I've done in years and I think it's because of the juicy and sweet attack of the "Prince Tone" sound. I'm revealing the next combo that will...

    New Cab Pack on the way based on VINTAGE FENDER COMBOS!

    SUPER EDIT: This Cab Pack was just released! Go get it from here: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Pack_ML_USA_Combos_p/fas-801-0031.htm I'm so excited to break the news here, especially as I can simultaneously announce that all the IR's have been shot. The launch will be wait for it...

    Cab Pack: ML Brit Collection II

    CLICK HERE TO GET THIS CAB PACK EDIT: To summarize it's the part II for Cab Pack 20 which you may be familiar with. It's all about Marshall in here. :) These are all vintage cabs/speakers: -Creambacks -Blackbacks -Greenbacks -G10L-35 Speakers (4x10) -G12-65 Speakers The main constructive...
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    IR Loading Question- I'm Puzzled!

    I am playing through an identical IR mix I made through two different loading platforms and it's yielding different results. Can anyone, perhaps Cliff or Kevin, shine some light on this situation for me? I have the Ownhammer Justin York pack and made a 212 mix. I am using the same .wavs to work...
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