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  1. J

    Low signal input usb axe fx II

    Hello everyone, I recently bought an axe fx II XL+ and really enjoying it so far. The problem is that when I try to record on logic pro x, I get very low (almost none) guitar signal. My input I'm of course using input 1+2 and output 1+2 on my audio tracks. I can hear the sound of the guitar...
  2. Chainbrain

    FM3 monitoring in OBS Studio

    Hi there! New FM3 user. New to AXE FX. I've been slowly getting the device setupn to incorporate in to my Twitch livestreams, and eventually start recording. I set the FM3 as an audio device in my OBS Studio, and the stream could hear the guitar with whatever setting I picked, but we could...
  3. Spoons

    AX8 Not Showing Up As A Sound Device??

    My Axe-Fx II is identified as Line (Axe-Fx II Audio) device in Sonar X3 Producer but I can't find the AX8 in the audio devices anywhere on my computer. The AX8 is definitely communicating with the computer, I use AX8-Edit routinely. What have I missed? Can someone help? P.S. I'm using Sonar...
  4. C

    Recording Ax8 + Dry Signal (DI) Simultaneously

    I'm picking up an Ax8 this Friday and was wondering if I'll be able to record a DI signal at the same time as the Ax8 audio. I have an Apollo Twin Solo (Thunderbolt) and a Radial Pro-DI (1-channel) DI box sitting around somewhere. I know I can XLR out of the Ax8 into the Apollo and record the...
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