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  1. S

    Rear Ports Play Seems Excessive

    Hello, Recently I've noticed some play in the USB, spdif, and even xlr ports on the rear of my XL unit. Everything functions normal and I've never had a cable pulled or tugged off accidentally. However, I did previously let the cables just hang, but now I route them so their weight isn't at the...
  2. guitarfreak365

    Front vs. Rear input on the Axe III

    I remember this thread bellow which highlighted how plugging in a guitar into the front input vs. the rear input on the Axe II sounded different. Is this the same with the III or will they all sound the exact same? I'm mainly wondering because I was hoping to plug my wireless into the rear input...
  3. F

    Front + Rear Input switch on preset change

    Hi! On special occasions I am using my electric guitar on the front input for a bunch of songs. And then I switch to playing a stage piano plugged into both rear inputs for other songs. Is there any way to set which input to use in the presets rather than in the global hardware menus, that can...
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