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  1. S

    Input pad above 0db = distortion in recorded playback no matter the guitar?!

    Edit: Mark Day over at Fractal guided me via email. After some resets and testing, he ended up recommending me to contact G66 for a warranty claim. He said __ FM3 is running 4.00 beta 2. TL;DR Direct signal gets distorted during recording in DAW when using input pad above 0db no matter what...
  2. kbrown455

    Midi Keyboard to Reaper DAW Through AXE FX III 3

    I have searched the forums and keep failing miserably! Is it possible to play piano using a midi keyboard connected by a 7-pin midi cord thru the AXE FX III which is connected by USB to a Mac laptop running Reaper? I don't care about controlling anything by midi, I just want to be able to...
  3. Georgy

    When I arm a track in Reaper to record, it starts to ‘clip’ and distort.. surely it’s a simple setting issue..?

    Hey guys, For some reason, I can’t seem to get the Axe 3 to record in Reaper properly.. let me explain.. I’ve added a quick clip and some screenshots so that someone can hopefully identify the issue; hopefully it’s something minor. For the first 10 seconds, it’s normal playing, and everything...
  4. Georgy

    Oh just another AX8 + Reaper ‘how do you re-amp in Reaper’ thread…

    Don’t worry, I’ve been trawling through both YouTube and various fractal forums but haven’t found anything concrete regarding re-amping with the AX8 and Reaper.. I’ve seen posts and clips of people re-amping their Axe FX’s with Reaper, or their AX8’s with Cubase, but I haven’t seen anything that...
  5. G

    Axe-Fx USB into DAW trouble

    Yo so my dumbass is trying to do AxeFx usb into Mac, out my scarlet interface and into monitors? Better way? I wanna keep the monitors through my interface so I can listen to shit but also want an axe fx direct into my DAW with USB because it’s way more clear than into the interface. Running...
  6. wolfdogg

    Running Axe-Fx 3 Into Reaper - Asio Question

    Hi all. Still in my first week with my new Axe FX III toy so be gentle (my first Fractal purchase ever). I'm trying to hook it up to Reaper tonight. I can do it fine if I run into my 16 channel Tascam and then into Reaper, but.. trying to create a more portable solution and bypass the Tascam...
  7. Stagepig

    Reaper as DAW replacement?

    Hey, It seems like there are quite a few Reaper users on this forum. After using Studio One, Ableton and Maschine for general recording purposes my band brought the idea up to use reaper as the main DAW for the band. Mostly because of it's cost and the rather simple installer (no big download...
  8. Max_H

    FAS Drivers being funky with Reaper

    So recently I made the switch from Ableton and Logic over to Reaper (I got a windows PC) and for the most part it is working brilliantly. Everything is set up in a nice logical way and it is easier than easy to do all the things in Reaper that I'm used to from Logic. However, I have an...
  9. JustinBourdeau

    Using Axe-Fx II for FX in Reaper?

    Hey guys, I've got a question for the routing and signal path geeks. I'm hoping I can explain myself clearly on this one: Before I start, here's the gear I'm using: AxeFX II Mark II Digi 002 Rack Reaper (DAW) I want to use my AxeFX as an FX box for my mixes in Reaper. For example, I'd like to...
  10. N

    Recording Wet & Dry Tracks

    Hi, I'm new to recording and wanted to know if I have configured my setup correctly. I am planning on recording all my wet and dry tracks then sending them to an engineer to mix and master. I am using Reaper and recording at 44.1 kHz 24 bit. My setup: Wet tracks: Axe Fx Ultra Output 1...
  11. N

    Need Help With Routing And Reamping

    Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to reamp guitars using my Axe Fx Ultra, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, and Reaper. This is how I'm currently routing my setup: Axe Fx Rear Output 1 > Input 1 Focusrite Rear Output/Line 3 Focusrite > Axe Fx Rear Input 1 I have disabled the master/parent send...
  12. Smittefar

    [Video] AX8 tutorial: Make tone matches and transfer to AX8

    In this video, I show how to use Reaper, Mfreeformequalizer (MeldaProductions), Voxengo Deconvolver and AX8edit to create a tonematch, extract the Impulse Response (IR) and load it onto your AX8. I Tone Matched the DI signal from my acoustic guitar (Martin OM42) to a mic'ed signal from the same...
  13. tamadrums14

    Axe FX Preset Changing over Midi

    Hello guys, Gear: Presonus Studio one Scarlett Focusrite 18i20 Axe fx 2 Axe fx 2 XL+ I would like to send midi patch changes from 1 interface to both axe fx's separately using midi thru. Previously I was using a USB hub and the DAW Reaper which I was manually having to check and assign the...
  14. JeremyRhoades

    Quantum 4.0 Periphery Inspired Djent/Metal/Rock

    All sounds by Axe FX II, Superior Drummer 2, Slate plugins, and Reaper. Used mainly Dual Rectifier and Friedman models, with some FAS Crunch and a couple other amps for cleans. Any constructive criticism is appreciated! :)
  15. S

    Audio Drop out when switching patches/scenes

    Hey guys, VERY new to this world and had searched high and low on an answer for the past 4 days and havent found an answer yet So i apologize if this is a duplicate. We run Reaper live for backing tracks, click, and midi programming to change 2 Avid Eleven Racks and 1 AxeFx XLII+ (firmware on...
  16. Smittefar

    ToneMatch in Reaper plus freeware

    I am still hoping, FAS will release a tone match VST plugin that will be able to export a cab file. I will buy it instantly. I wanted to do a video showing how to do this - it is very easy and quite quick, but it will be soooo long, before I have time to do a proper video. In the meantime, I...
  17. mwd

    Why do you like Reaper?

    I started on Cakewalk in the 90's. I tried Cubase in the interim then migrated to Logic several years ago. But I notice many users love Reaper and I was wondering 'exactly' why and what it is you like about this program? Obviously the price is very reasonable so I'm looking for reasons not so...
  18. myWolfgangShreds

    Use Axe FX II as MIDI -> USB device for synth VSTi??

    Hello, Ive been searching the forum and google with no luck so far. Is it possible to use the AXE FX II as a MIDI converter so that I can connect my synthesizer to my MAC and controller VSTi's while in REAPER? What I've done so far: - installed AxeFxII USB driver for MAC - changed USB ADAPTER...
  19. John the G

    Axe FX II and Reaper help?

    Hello, I can't seem to get the Axe to show in the Devices menu under the ASIO driver. I think all the drivers installed correctly, no problems with Axe edit or anything else. Anyone else have this problem in Reaper? I would certainly appreciate any help.
  20. John the G

    Axe FX II and Reaper help?

    Hello, I can't seem to get the Axe to show in the Devices menu under the ASIO driver. I think all the drivers installed correctly, no problems with Axe edit or anything else. Anyone else have this problem in Reaper? I would certainly appreciate any help.
  21. Steinmetzify

    Got A Stupid Question

    So here's my stupid story and my stupid question: I'm forever struggling to get the exact tone I use when practicing onto recordings. Problem being that it'll clip, because it's f*ckin LOUD, yo. I don't want to turn it down, because since I practice at that level, it's what I'm used to and I've...
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