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  1. A

    Acoustic Guitar with Reverb from Axe Fx

    Happy to share the release of my new song Hope. Acoustic guitar on the track used reverb from the Axe Fx
  2. C

    Axe FX II as interface

    Hey all, I'm feeling super frustrated - I am trying to set up the AXE FX II as part of an aggregate device with my Focusrite Scarlett Solo. I had this setup working about a month ago, but then I went on vacation and stored everything away until I got back. Now I'm experiencing 2 problems: 1...
  3. S

    I'm Having Trouble With Re-Amping.

    Hello all, I followed a simple guide on setting up re-amping, however I ran into the same problem many times. when I start the recording, the audio from the first channel goes through the axe-fx II, and into the second channel, but instead of being processed as it should, it's a slightly...
  4. Guitar Of Justice

    Axe-Fx 3 Reamping with Audacity via USB, not working

    Hello Internet! I try to reamp with my new axe and it somehow not working with Audacity. I have a DI-Guitar Track (not recorded with the axe) but I wanna use it. On my Kemper i set the output on Audacity to SPDIF Kemper and on the Kemper I set the input to SPDIF and voila there you go with...
  5. Georgy

    Oh just another AX8 + Reaper ‘how do you re-amp in Reaper’ thread…

    Don’t worry, I’ve been trawling through both YouTube and various fractal forums but haven’t found anything concrete regarding re-amping with the AX8 and Reaper.. I’ve seen posts and clips of people re-amping their Axe FX’s with Reaper, or their AX8’s with Cubase, but I haven’t seen anything that...

    Test of 10" Cabs - "real" and IRs with Cab-Lab ;-)

    Test and comparison of a cab with three 10 inch speakers: Celestion Ten 30 - Jensen C10R - Fender Special Design 10 as well as 2 Cab IRs using Cab-Lab: Princeton BF mic’d with a 57 and Princeton SF with a 4047. The sound comes from an Axe-FX III, amplified by a Victor Custom Tri Power tube power...
  7. B

    AX8 Reamping into Logic Pro X

    Howdy people, Recently picked up an AX8, and am having a hard time figuring out how to reamp my AX8 into logic pro X so that I can have a track playing and edit the tone in real time through AX8Edit. Currently, I am able to have my AX8 hooked up to my Focusrite Saffire Pro 26 through XLR...
  8. psEYEops

    Receiving audio input every time Tempo goes off (Re amping) (Std)

    Axe Fx Standard M Audio M Track Plus Going the Spdf Digital route At first I wasn't getting any signal at all, I checked the cords and re plugged them in, and that solved that. But now, I'm getting audio every time the tempo led is going off. It seems like a MIDI related problem. I've had midi...
  9. T

    Reamping question

    Hey guys so I just did a test for getting into reamping on the Axe FX II XL, and I noticed something while reamping with effects. I used the Axe as the audio interface and recorded my dry signals and then the processed through USB, all normal stuff, but when adding stereo effects the effects is...
  10. LucasLeCompte

    How to Reamp and Record DI Tracks with the Axe-Fx III

    I use my axe fx to reamp all the time, so I made a video to show how I did it on windows 10 and on Studio One 3. The manual is actually really great on telling you how to reamp, but I know most people arent going to consult the manual at all. I show how to record a wet signal, DI, and how to...
  11. H

    problem with analog reamping

    I am trying to reamp a mono DI I did not record myself. The project is in 44.1 kHz so I decided to go the analog route. I’m doing something wrong though, because the signal fed back to my DAW does not sound nearly as good as what I monitor in the phones output on the axe fx ii. It's lacking...
  12. A

    [Solved] AX8 reamping feedback problem?

    So new user here. I have my AX8 for few weeks now and I'm still exploring what it can do. Few days ago I tried to do reamping. And I could not pass the problem with the feedback. I already recorded the DI signal so I'm now at the point with the actual reamping. I know, I know - you will...
  13. Chris S.

    XL+ and DI box Question

    Im wanting to recording both wet and dry tracks so I can reamp later if I need to. I just picked up a Countryman Type 85, assuming that I could split the signal from my guitar and record both tracks this way.. but I don’t think I did my homework, and I need help. My signal chain, without the...
  14. LucasLeCompte

    Reamping DI Tracks using the Axe FX II in Studio One 3

    My friend was stuck while trying to do this, so I made a video about it. I hope this helps someone trying to reamp!
  15. Detch

    Deathcore mix, Angle Severe 1 + Ownhammer

    Yea, it's metal again :) Recently I finished mixing this track. For re-amp I used Angle Severe 1 model + Ownhammer HHC II 412 EDVH with V30 cab which is EVH 5150 III 4x12 cabinet DI files were good but had some low-end mud issue so I used two filters at the beginning of the chain: With...
  16. N

    Need Help With Routing And Reamping

    Hi, I've been trying to figure out how to reamp guitars using my Axe Fx Ultra, Focusrite Scarlett 6i6, and Reaper. This is how I'm currently routing my setup: Axe Fx Rear Output 1 > Input 1 Focusrite Rear Output/Line 3 Focusrite > Axe Fx Rear Input 1 I have disabled the master/parent send...
  17. B

    Static Noise When ReAmping (I think I know why)

    From time to time I want to reamp some DI guitar tracks from my PC to my Axe Fx XL+ My signal chain is a follows: DI tracks in DAW>Output 3-4 on interface>Input 2 on Axe FX>FX Loop block on Axe FX>the rest of the Axe preset>Input 1-2 on interface. Everything works fine this way, except for the...
  18. J

    AX8 DI Question

    Hi All, I want to set up the ax8 to send a clean DI signal to another channel in logic X while I'm recording using my current patches. My set up is guitar->pedals (drives etc)->ax8->tascam us1800 (Analogue input) -> Computer I want to set up the ax8 so that I can monitor/record my current...
  19. Detch

    Loud noise during re-amping.

    I received DI for reamping, here is a short take https://www.dropbox.com/s/oqy7me8bzvbwbgf/DI.wav?dl=0 When I started to nail the tone with Axe I could not make anything good because of the very uncomfortable amount of background noise, at first, I thought it was a poor DI quality... But when...
  20. sighborg

    Ax8 Reamping

    Hello everyone! New AX8 owner. I recently switched from the Kemper to the AX8, certainly enjoying the transition. However, I am having a lot of difficulty getting the reamping process going. I was also surprised by the lack of information out there (Ie: YouTube, AX8 manual etc.) on the subject...
  21. T

    Unwanted Tuner Offset while Re-amping (Word Clock issue?)

    Hello, yesterday I set up my Axe as described in the sticky thread about Re-amping with external soundcard (which is a wonderful explanation and helped a lot, worked fine so far). The thread suggests to set Word Clock to 'SPDIF/AES' in I/O menu. Today I realized, that setting this option leads...
  22. toon000

    Reamping : Buzz on dry track after a few minutes

    Hello everyone, I'm having trouble with reamping. I record a dry track on my DAW and hearing the wet track through monitors. After a few minutes, my dry track becomes noisy with some buzz on it. The only way to get a clean sound back is to shut off and on my axe fx. Do you have any idea of...
  23. Schwiz

    How To Digitally Reamp Using AxeFx, Scarlett, Cubase

    There are some really good threads on this forum in regards to reamping. I saw one the other day where the OP had created a nice PDF diagram even. That diagram helped steer me in the right direction for figuring out how to use the Axe Fx to DIGITALLY reamp tones using the Scarlett Mix Control...
  24. bigdog01

    no clue how to reamp

    i am relatively new to professionally recording and I've just dove into the world of taking DI's and reamping. I've had my axe ultra for a few years so id like to think i somewhat know what I'm doing. the problem I'm having is when i try to send a DI signal into the axe fx, i get a really weak...
  25. J

    Setting Up A Wet and Dry Signal/Track in Logic X

    I have few questions regarding recording in Logic Pro X for those experienced in recording with the Axe-Fx (II XL+) via USB: 1. How do you set up both a wet and dry signal/track? 2. When setting up the track do you choose the option for Input 1 or Input 1 and 2? 3. Once you have the signal...
  26. Ytolyccuz

    Recording with the Axe

    Hi, It's my first time to record with the Axe Fx 2. I have managed to do a somewhat successful reamp test but I feel that my workflow is pretty inefficient. Question 1: Realtime Track Auditioning with other tracks. My problem is when I try to audition the track for reamping with another...
  27. Volvagia

    Axe sounds different when recorded?

    So my Axe Fx tones sound a lot different when recorded through USB than they do when I'm just jamming through my speakers.. I find that it sounds a lot brighter/twangy and less warm sounding. I usually have to tweak it to sound more like it did before. Anyone else have this issue?
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