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re amping

  1. K

    Re-amping issues with pro tools/ Axe Fx 2

    Hey Guys, I need assistance with re-amping, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong but it may be to do with the world clock or routing, I am using a Mbox 3 pro as my interface, the Axe Fx 2 to send a wet tone and D.I signal via spdif cables and I’m using pro tools 9 as my DAW, I can record the D.I...
  2. psEYEops

    Receiving audio input every time Tempo goes off (Re amping) (Std)

    Axe Fx Standard M Audio M Track Plus Going the Spdf Digital route At first I wasn't getting any signal at all, I checked the cords and re plugged them in, and that solved that. But now, I'm getting audio every time the tempo led is going off. It seems like a MIDI related problem. I've had midi...
  3. Jack Elliott

    Live reamp with Axe-Edit

    So, I can’t seem to find anything on this subject from any time before 2015-2016 so I was wondering if it’s possible now. Basically it’s an easy question. Can I use my Axe Fx II as my interface over USB into protools and reamp with Axe edit open? Then just adjust the tone through Axe edit while...
  4. blearyeyes

    Time-Aligned USB Digital Re-Amping w/ Logic Pro

    TIME-ALIGNED USB BASED DIGITAL RE-AMPING w/ AFX-FX II Quantum 10.x (maybe AXE-FXlll) and APPLE LOGIC X PRO 10.4.1 OSX High Sierra. download PDF of tutorial: http://www.shattuckelectronics.com/pics/REAMPING.pdf Create an Aggregate Device using the Audio MIDI Setup app found in the Utilities...
  5. A

    Reamping for an album: The unholy signal chain

    We were reamping the rhythm guitars for my band Liha's debut album yesterday and it was amazing. We play modern metal (but not any -core) and we found the most crushing sounds. The signal chain we used was AX8 - Marshall Silver Jubilee fx loop return - Carlsbro 4x12 cab with '73 Celestion...
  6. G

    Tracking DI and wet signals simultaniously?

    Hi everyone, Possible stupid question: is there a way to record both a DI and a wet signal simultaneously when I track so that I can hear the AX8 patch that I used for recording during playback but still use the DI tracks for reamping later if I need to? Thanks

    A new song with ML Tweed Deluxe! (Upcoming Cab Pack)

    Feels good to be writing songs again and here's what the Tweed Deluxe inspired me to write: Click here to hear the clip in high quality! I was trying to challenge myself and keep things real so the Tweed Deluxe amp sim is all default throughout this clip except for the drive was set to 8...
  8. Kaihoro1388

    Recording Dry DI Axe-Fx 2

    Hey guys I'm using cubase 8.5 artist and i want to be able to record my di track from axe fx while still hearing the signal with the preset on. So basically when i record ill hear the preset I'm using but it will only record the dry track. I'm doing this so i can re amp the dry signal later. i...
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