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  1. ProgressiveRocco

    Just got it!

    What's up dudes!! Feels good to post my first thread in the "III" section :) I've had the unit for a couple of days now and I really can't say enough good things about it! I'm still exploring all the new features but all I can say is it's jawdroppingly GOOD! Absolutely love the new screen, I...
  2. ProgressiveRocco

    BRYAN ADAMS - Run To You (full cover w/vocals)

    Me and my good buddy Stefano paying tribute to the great Bryan Adams. Always loved this song, Reckless is just one of the greatests sounding albums ever imo, awesome songs and stellar mixing/production! check it out! :)
  3. ProgressiveRocco


    What's up guys!:) I've decided to create some mix-ready patches using JUST factory cabs and sell them for a very reasonable price! This patch was inspired by the tones of the L.A. session guys (hence the name L.A. Studio Clean), like Michael Thompson, Steve Lukather and Michael Landau, just to...
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