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progressive rock

  1. Chronograph

    Lepsky Brown Bear Guitar Test

    Hey there, Got a new axe lately, a Lepsky Brown Bear. It's a masterbuild by Eugeny Lepsky, a Siberia-based luthier. Yes, right in the middle of nowhere:) Here's a test tune. All guitar tracks are written with the Brown Bear, bass' a Warwick Streamer. FW 15.01. No synths whatsoever:cool: Enjoy.
  2. Valdolopezz

    Friedman with Kiesel Vader 8 solo/rhythm

    Hey guys, recently i tweaked some parameters with Friedman model and Mesa cab IR and i liked how it sounds with my Kiesel both rhythm and solo. Here is a little demo jam with my buddy Aaron, drummer from Interloper. Cheerzzzz
  3. Chronograph

    A New Tune (Prog Rock Content)

    Hey there, Trust everybody is well and in good health. Thanks to the coronavirus, I was put out of office for three months, and had a time to write a new tune. It's not heavy guitar-driven thing. It's leaning towards progressive rock rather than metal. Still, wish you liked it. All the...
  4. Alan Benjamin

    live video from first concert (festival) gig with AX8

    Greetings, Though I've had my AX8 for a while now, the timing coincided with my prog band, Advent, taking an unexpectedly long hiatus from live performance due to the departure of our previous bassist and the time it took to finally find the right player to step in and get things going once...
  5. Chronograph

    Mood Swings

    Hey there, A new short tune. This is the first time I recorded an acoustic guitar (Taylor 816) through an actual mike (Neumann 147) and through the Axe FX II. Tweaked a new present for this very sound. You can hear it in the first part of the tune. The second part is as usual, rough and...
  6. ikayasha

    First Full EP - All Axe FX II Tones

    Hey guys! This is an instrumental progressive metal / rock EP that I've been working on for over a year (slow, I know). Every guitar tone and bass tone on the album is all Axe FX II. I did most of my learning of the device making this EP (it is a truly incredible and inspiring piece of...
  7. Igor Paspalj

    Blitzkrieg - original tune

    Here's some "progressive"-ish stuff of mine. Blend of a Dream Theater/Paul Gilbert/Yngwie Malmsteen styles, kind of...TOO MANY NOTES, anyway! Axe Fx 2 and Guthrie Govan Charvel into Logic X Pro. Hope You gonna like it :)
  8. heanjurrera

    A Fair Judgement [Opeth cover]

    Hey all! This was the first ever Opeth song I managed to get into, and it's still one of my favourites. I pretty much wanted to record this just so I could try my own take on the middle, clean section, which is fantastic. The outro also proved tons of fun to get right, it's disgustingly heavy...
  9. Chronograph

    Vertigo (Prog-ish Content)

    Hey there, Here's a new tune. Too many keys/synths, I know. As usual, all the guitars and bass came from Axe FX II original. Enjoy.
  10. PumpkinKing86

    Opeth - Sorceress

    How's everyone else like the new album? My favorite song is Era. The Ward, Will o the Wisp, and Strange Brew really stand out to me as well. The bonus disc is great too (I got mine in 24/44.1 FLAC from Nuclear Blast). I think the secret star player for Sorceress is Joakim Svalberg on keys...
  11. Chronograph

    New Prog Rock-ish Tune

    A new tune completed. A little bit more on the prog rock-ish leaning curve. Enjoy!
  12. Alan Benjamin

    any other symphonic prog players here?

    Greetings, Being a newcomer to FAS gear and having a little over of two months of experience with my AX8 at this point (unfortunately, largely interrupted due to some urgent family medical issues), I thought it might be a good time to reach out to say hello and see if I can find other players...
  13. Chronograph

    New Quantum 1.01 tune. Progressive.

    Hey there, Here's a new tune I just completed. All guitars and bass are Q 1.01. Purists beware: a whole bunch of synths present! Enjoy!
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