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prog rock

  1. AnswerInfinity

    A song with Horizon Drive, an FAS amp and 7/4 attempting to still be "radio friendly."

    I'll have to do a vid on the sound I programmed for this one. Until then, here's the lyric video.
  2. S

    Opeth Inspired Preset

    Hey everyone, I just uploaded my first AX8 preset. It's an Opeth "inspired" one. I used a Gibson LP Traditional with JB/Jazz PUP config. I tried my best. Thanks to @2112 for his tutorials and the Petrucci wah block. I used scene controllers to vary the amount of drive for each preset. The...
  3. Milco

    Chicken Pickin Tone

    Hey guys, working with some new sounds, trying to blend synth and guitar. Made this super attacky clean tone to compliment the bells. What do you think??
  4. Milco

    Milco - Spanky Distortion Tone!

    Really spent some time dialing in this spanky distortion tone! All Axe FX 2 in this one. Let me know what you think!
  5. heanjurrera

    Steven Wilson - Hand. Cannot. Erase. cover

    Hey all! I've been meaning to try recording a quick cover of this song since I acquired a bunch of gear through the last couple of years that needed a proper test drive. So far so good! Recording vocals in my apartment is a bit tricky though. So lots of EQing had to be done. Still, I guess I...
  6. hansenolsen

    Melodic prog metal

    Hi, Years of lurking, but not really too big on posting here. My band Vicinity, playing melodic progressive metal, just released our second album, Recurrence, yesterday. All the guitars are Axe-Fx II, with cab pack 13, and the album was mixed by Christer Andre Cederberg (Anathema & Circus...
  7. Milco

    Milco - 8 string Slap/Pop

    Hey guys, made this tone using the Solo 100 Amp and the enhance block really helped a lot. Sometimes I feel the enhance block can be too dramatic, but it worked for this thumping riff. Do you have any tips for this tone? Let me know what you think!
  8. Cody Keener

    Intervals ephemeral clean riff tone

    I absolutely dig the clean tone Aaron marshall uses towards the end of the song Ephemeral starting at 3 minutes and 32 seconds in. I own an AXE FX 2 XL+, I'm rather new at making my own patches. How would I go about getting a clean lead tone, such as the one I explained above.
  9. Milco

    Tone match (Acoustic)

    Hey guys, tried something interesting and ran some acoustic tracks through the tone match and played it on my 8 string electric. I think I made a really unique tone. Let me know what you think!
  10. Milco

    Fryette D60 Spanky Tone

    Hey guys, took me a while to dial in this tone, but I tried making a spanky tone that worked on my extended range guitars. Let me know what you think! Maybe recommend some other amps good for these situations?
  11. fromthebark

    8 years of looking for a 2nd guitarist. Settled on a keyboard player. (for now)

    i've been looking for a second guitarist since I started my band 10 years ago. (we broke up for 5 years and just got back together like 6 months ago) We are like Propagandhi (Thrash prog metal punk - they rule if you're looking for a new heavy smart prog band) / Zappa / QOTSA / Meets the jamming...
  12. Jaredajp

    Instrumental Post Rock recorded entirely with Axe 2

    Hey guys and girls, Back again. My last post got a bit of interest so I thought I'd share this latest track with you all. The guitars and bass here were all recorded using tones and cab sims from the axe 2. Some of the other effects are also thanks to some axe trickery! Feel free to have a...
  13. Jaredajp

    2 Axe Fx 2's used in Post/Prog Rock Live Video

    Hey Guys and Girls, My name is Jared and I play in a prog/post rock band called Majora. We are from Newcastle, Australia. Our axe's are absolutely crucial to how we play and we couldn't do what we we do without them. I thought you all might be interested in seeing a live play through video my...
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