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pro tools

  1. M

    Axe-Edit, Pro Tools Crashing PC

    Hi all! So I recently got an Axe FX3 Mk1 and am loving it, however I seem to be running into an issue with my PC when using Pro Tools & Axe Edit together As soon as I try to open a session with the latest version of Pro Tools (Updated in December 2020) with Axe Edit open (Also the latest...
  2. madselhoff

    Saturation switch .. just tried it!

    Holy smokes... I just realized the use of the saturation switch. Mod or not.. don't really care.. it makes the palm mutes really juicy. Now I just need to edit a little on the gain and pull it back a bit. Well... couldn't wait to throw this track I made yesterday up on soundcloud... I know...
  3. Jack Elliott

    Live reamp with Axe-Edit

    So, I can’t seem to find anything on this subject from any time before 2015-2016 so I was wondering if it’s possible now. Basically it’s an easy question. Can I use my Axe Fx II as my interface over USB into protools and reamp with Axe edit open? Then just adjust the tone through Axe edit while...
  4. ikayasha

    First Full EP - All Axe FX II Tones

    Hey guys! This is an instrumental progressive metal / rock EP that I've been working on for over a year (slow, I know). Every guitar tone and bass tone on the album is all Axe FX II. I did most of my learning of the device making this EP (it is a truly incredible and inspiring piece of...
  5. P

    Avid Pro Tools Latency?

    Hey everyone! I'm running a 48khz/24 bit Pro Tools session and am using the Axe FX III as the audio interface. I'm recording a dry signal and then using the Axe FX III to monitor the dry signal through a simulated amp along with rest of the recorded session: Main outs for the session are...
  6. Tumatauenga

    Can I send MIDI signals from Pro Tools to the Axe-FX III over USB?

    Apologies in advance if this has been covered already. I have an existing track in ProTools and would like to add an instrument track that sends MIDI commands to the Axe-FX III. The goal is the automation of scene changes as the track plays back. I think I can figure out creating appropriate...
  7. D

    Axe fx II interface

    Hi, sorry for some silly questions coming up. I have just bought an axe II and I am looking to start recording and mixing on my pc (with pro tools 12). My questions are do I need to buy a separate interface? If I'm using the axe as an interface, will it be ok to use to mix on, running superior...
  8. Max_H

    *FIXED* Pro Tools error "DAE error 6001

    *FIXED* Recently I updated Pro Tools to 12.8.3 and randomly whilst playback is going on, it'll crash with this error. A couple hours of google searching didn't bring up much besides that it could possibly be either an interface or driver error. I've attempted updating Mac OS to High Sierra...
  9. sharchik

    DAW program changes cause saved patches to sound different?

    Hey guys, When running program changes for live switching in Pro Tools (have not tested in other DAWs) My simple patch of amp & cab sounds different after it is switched to via a program change in Pro Tools. My saved patch sounds fine, a distorted rhythm sound with decent gain. When...
  10. actionjackson12

    PRO TOOLS IR plugin????

    How can I get my AXE-FX CAB IR's into protools? Needing to run a bass DI instead of through axe-fx.
  11. actionjackson12


    Im using Protools or Logic to automate Program MIDI changes for my axe-fx MKII. My question is which option is best and/or incorrect? 1) COMPUTER USB-MIDI ADAPTER>MFC-101MKIII>ETHERNET>AXE-FX MKII 2) COMPUTER USB-MIDI ADAPTER>MFC-101MKIII>MIDI OUT>AXE-FX MKII MIDI IN (MFC fractal power supply)...
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