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  1. Andrea Maccianti

    ANDRE 80's Preset

    Hey friends! Here my ANDRE 80's Preset for Fractal Audio AxeFx2, AxeFx3 and AX8. 5 Scenes. Hope you enjoy!
  2. C

    My band's new single (All Axe-Fx II XL): Room For Zero - Too Bad [80s pop]

    I see a lot of higher gain tones showcased here, but not a ton of pop / indie / alternative stuff. I thought this might be nice to show off here. All guitars are direct from the Axe II into my Antelope Discrete 8 via SPDIF. We usually use the Axe as an interface to record the parts + DIs...
  3. Mark Scrivener

    Just used the Axe-Fx III for client's country/pop recording

    I thought some of the folks considering a fractal might like to hear the FX-III being used in a non hard rock/metal genre. Here is some work I just finished for a country/pop artist. Not having to mic up an amp, wear headphones for overdubs, or remove amp hum was a huge plus. For the curious...
  4. B

    Modern/Pop Sound design tutorials

    Hi Guys, I’m absolutely noob in preset creation . All I found on YouTube is just metal sound tutorials. Can you please help me with this?
  5. camilovelandiamusic

    Pop/Rock Gig Preset

    Hey guys! I'm mainly on the Axe FX III side of this forum, but here's my AX8 preset :)
  6. mwd

    Bug? Scratchy Crackle while playing

    In addition to the volume disappear bug I am experiencing a loud pop, crackle, scratch static sound at random. I have experienced it playing with and without wah pedal. USB is connected to laptop but it happens when editor is not running as well. Cables all quality and good. Presets don't...
  7. Guitarjon

    Bass guitar tone preset tutorial video!

    Hi guys, I just uploaded a video about creating good pop/rock/metal bass guitar tones with your Axe FX and OH bass IR's. I hope you find this video useful! If you have any questions you can ask them. My replies may be a bit slower than usual because I'm currently on a holiday in the south of...
  8. Guillaume Lortie

    live rehearsal with AX8 07-24-2016

    Hi fractal bros! i'll be live with my band tomorrow at 2PM East Time on youtube with my AX8. we're a over band ( for fun ) that do small bars and festivals. you are all welcome and feel free to comment on my tone as i always want to sound better.
  9. C

    [Indie Pop / Alternative] My band's new single, featuring AxeFX II

    Hey, all!! My band ROOM FOR ZERO ( http://www.roomforzero.com/ ) just wrapped up our debut LP a couple weeks ago. We're releasing the whole thing on Friday, but we dropped our new single a little early. I figured I'd share it here since there aren't too many AxeFx recordings of this genre on...


    I got me a new bass and had to record a new clip. There's a lot of "coming soon" being used on this song but more on that later. I noticed that all my favorite bass sounds from Foo Fighters to Green Day to even Blink 182 where the bass is loud in the mix and still not overbearing are a Fender...
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