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  1. Burgs

    Two new free presets. Keef and Acoustic/Piezo. Demos and links. Merry Christmas. :)

    I hope everyone has a happy and safe Christmas. Thank you to Cliff, Matt and all the FAS crew for another outstanding and generous year aboard our favourite cruise. We're all indebted and very grateful. Rock on to 2020, everyone. Cheers. My acoustic/piezo offering. Tweak to suit. Preset...
  2. Jack_Zan

    Porcupine Tree - "Open car" cover

    PORCUPINE TREE cover with my fractal axe FX II XL+ For the Rithm i use "hot Kitty" amp For the clean a blues jr amp, piezo (with a taylor tonematch find on the web) or a mix of two signals The Cab is BASKETWEAVE TV mix
  3. LordGold3

    Dreamy Clean (Magnetic/Piezo Split)

    This preset is designed for a Piezo equipped guitar running a split TRS cable (using both magnetic and Piezo pickups) for an amazing dreamy clean/acoustic sound. I used my Musicman Majesty JP 7 (Magnetic pickup set to middle single coil mode) Let me know what you think...
  4. Brian Coonan

    Short Little Saturday Morning Solo

    Got up super early today because of one of the cats and her not wanting anyone to sleep past 6am so threw this little thing down. PRS with the GHOST preamp - this is a combination of the GHOST system and the magentics, direct into Logic from the AX8 Hope everyone has a great Saturday!
  5. Frac-man

    Help me figure out if I can do this...

    What I want to do... I have an acoustic with two separate outputs PIEZO and MAGNETIC pickups. I want to run both into the AX8 separately and then have a preset or scene that I can have my acoustic sound(its just a CAB and IR with REVERB no AMP) but then hit a button and it changes so it has a...
  6. Brian Coonan

    GraphTech Ghost System?

    I have one on the way to put on a PRS SE and wondered if anyone out here has any experience with one? I've watched a bunch of vids and read reviews but thought I would reach out for some real life input! Just have the Acoustiphonic on the way now, but if its cool, would think about adding the...
  7. V

    Playing in the studio - Acoustic Piezo Impulse and Distorted sounds

    Last week a great pianist I know asked me for a collaboration: he wanted to do an acoustic piano guitar duet. I proposed him to use the electric guitar instead, as I wanted to play something more original than the "classical acoustic guitar and piano" thing So here's the studio recording We...
  8. P

    Using 2 guitar inputs (electric & Piezo) to 2 separate output

    Hi everyone... I'm quite a new AX8 user and very satisfied with this baby. I've been trying to separate output from my Piezo signal but no luck. Its always mixed with electric signal in OUT1. My routing is Electric signal ---> IN1 and Piezo ---> IN2 (FX RTN) I know my signal path is somehow...
  9. Burgs

    Piezo/Acoustic preset and video

    The rebuild and return of my trusty old MIJ '91 Telecaster (acoustic) gave me cause to simultaneously celebrate and write a preset for it. The preset, written on an XL+ runnin Q6, might be a good starting point for those of you who own piezo-equipped acoustic or semi-acoustic guitars. You can...
  10. dukemcrae

    Looking for suggestions on a piezo-equipped electric

    As the title suggests, I'm looking to take advantage of the great acoustic patches on my rig, without having to change to an acoustic guitar in the middle of my set. I currently play an Ernie Ball MusicMan BFR Silhouette as my main guitar, and it is set up with two humbuckers and a single coil...
  11. Anand Altekar

    Piezo on Les Paul, Acoustic guitar sound

    Hi, I have the LR Baggs Piezo pickups installed on by Les Paul Custom. Currently I carry a separate Takamine acoustic guitar for gigs. Here in India, Airlines aren't musician friendly and I would really like to carry just my Les Paul as far as possible. I also have acoustic to electric...
  12. Alan Benjamin

    routing Godin xtSA (magnetic + piezo) into AX8 & IN 2/FXL settings

    Greetings, With my AX8 one day away from arrival, I've been scouring the manual and trying to determine the best way to migrate my current live setup where I primarily play a Godin xtSA (magnetic pickup/piezo pickup/MIDI) and think it would be great if I were able to route my piezo connection...
  13. D

    Piezo into the Axe

    For people with a piezo pickup, more specifically those with EBMM JP models, how do you process the piezo to make it sound more full and deeper? Has anyone tried running anything of the Fishman Aura series into the axe?
  14. Georgy

    Acoustic Piezo patch (for piezo-equipped guitars.. for ASM-12)

    Would be curious to get some thoughts and input on this Acoustic Piezo patch. I use this through my Friedman ASM-12. I have a Graph Tech Ghost Piezo system installed in my ESP Eclipse and love it. I can really get some amazing acoustic tones through my ASM. Just wanted to share this with...
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