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  1. S

    Phaser start point

    Hi. I have a sound with a phaser in it. But every time i engage the phaser block the phaser starts at a diferent point. I'd like it to start always at the same point. I could send a midi command from a midi controller but i don't see a "run" parameter or similar, but I guess it is possible...
  2. K

    Wish Small Stone Phaser

    Small Stones are my favorite phasers and I've gotten close with the Bad Stone on 4 stages and the super mega phaser but they still can't quite get there. Besides this, I absolutely love the phasers and vibes in the FM3. They are miles beyond what I got with helix native and so tweakable.
  3. Alex Kolund

    Classic vibe on FM3 vs AX8

    Hey there, I'm having some trouble recreating this Classic Vibe sound from the AX8. Here's what I've got on the FM3 and it's just not quite there. Something to do with the extra settings? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.

    AX8 Funky ! ;-)

  5. Georgy

    EVH FX anyone..? Unchained Flanger and Phaser ideally..

    Hey guys, I'm running my FX8 in 4CM with my EVH 5153 50w, and I'm struggling to get (or even find somewhere) any EVH sounds, mainly his signature 'Unchained' Flanger and his Phaser (You Really Got Me'esque). If anyone has those settings that they would like to share, would be much obliged...
  6. Killius

    Can't Stop the Feeling : JT blues/funk guitar cover video

    used some nice cleans with phaser, flanger, tremelo, and reverb on this one.
  7. OddManOut

    A True 'Steam Punk' Guitar Effect from ZVex

    Thought all the Fractal Forum, especially the more technically geeky among us, might get a kick out of this. I'll leave it at that for the moment... Enjoy!
  8. Keg8605

    Modulation block Wish

    What if we had a modulation block instead or in addition? Would help with xy switching and save some blocks/cpu. I for one pretty much never use flanger, phaser and chorus together...
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