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pedal board

  1. C

    FS FM3 Headphone Version w/Board & Case $1,100

    Selling a mint FM3 headphone jack version. Comes with extra presets and IR's. Including a NUX pedalboard and carrying case. Both the board and FM3 come in the original box. $1,100+shipping Shipping only in US.
  2. Paulo Remigio

    Simple pedal platform + extras (Deluxe reverb based)

    I created this simple pedal platform to run my pedal board into the Axe-fx3 and test pedals. The results where so cool decided to expand and created created 8 scenes raging from dry to wet to some mild OD's and rock OD's and even a couple lead sounds so it can be used as a standalone preset...
  3. axedude

    FS VooDoo Labs Dingbat Medium w/Pedal Power 4X4 & Padded Case $200

    FOR SALE: >> Asking $200 << Sells for $299.99 + tax online at Sweetwater / Save $75 !! - Local Pickup available in Orange County, CA VooDoo Labs Dingbat Medium Pedalboard POWER PACKAGE Package w/ Carrying Case, Pedal Power 4x4 and power mounting bracket - EXCELLENT CONDITION and works...
  4. L

    Board for AX8?

    Hi! I'm looking for a pedal board for my AX8 with two expression pedals, and I want to put into it my Line6 Relay G50 receiver, my IEM's transmitter, but my problem is the AX8's height. I found the Thon Effect Pedal Case Medium (I can't paste link), but I'm not sure that it's internal height is...
  5. S

    Looking for Dearmond Tremolo and Echoplex Pedals for Photoshoot!

    Hi all - I am working on a really cool project that is creating a book about stompboxes. It's all about the visual storytelling through photography and interview with some of the greatest guitar players out there. We are currently in search of two pedals: DEARMOND TREMOLO and ECHOPLEX for a...
  6. cataclysm

    Custom aluminium pedal board project

    Hey all, thought i'd share the results of a custom pedal board project I have been working on. Couldn't be happier with the results. All one single piece of bent 3mm aluminium, and I have all wiring, a PS and midi switcher hidden under the expression pedal on the right, with 2 x neutrik jacks...
  7. Solitudezoso

    Opinion on Eureka Prom vs Uno Chip

    Hey guys I'm new to the forum and I just bought an Axe Fx II XL. So far I love it and I'm interested in buying the Behringer FCB 1010 foot controller. However I've read that the recommended usage for foot controller involves buying one of two chips, the Eurekaprom or Uno. This is probably an...
  8. ralphonz

    Mastermind GT Flight case advice

    Hi Guys, I'm now the proud owner of a Mastermind GT16! Loving it so far, it's making my life so much better ;) I've got it hooked up to an EV-1 expression pedal and have a mission SP-1 RJM on the way. Does anyone have any advice on a good, tough flight case to buy for this setup? Most of...
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