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original music

  1. AnswerInfinity

    Fun Use of Tremolo Block in a Rock Tune

    Wanted to share this 24 hours before it's actual release. I used the heck out of the tremolo effect to get the pulsing sound. Elsewhere in the tune I'm using some Marshall sims and an Orange Rockerverb rig that I made and use all the time.
  2. C

    2nd song in 14yrs....FM3 Princeton only

    Hey everyone... So here's my 2nd songwriting attempt. This one is called Tease. It's a bit less emotional than the 1st song, but still turned into a fun rock tune. I am by no means a lead guitar guy...so go easy on the solo. :p. I might also add a bit of bgv on the chorus. Let me know what...
  3. AnswerInfinity

    Hired a Fiverr Singer, Grabbed my Axe FX III and Made This...

    The lush delays on the Axe FX inspired this track in a significant way. I always used Pauly's Raw Bass from the Axe Exchange as well.. This is the lyric video I did for it:
  4. drh11

    Latest recording with the Axe-Fx II XL+

    This is the latest video that I created with my photography & music I wrote using the Axe-Fx II XL+. I have also posted this in the Preset Exchange for those interested in the preset used.
  5. drh11

    Video using Mark Day's preset for guitar

    I created a video about Montreal with some of my photography and music that I wrote. For the guitar I used Mark Day's free "Giant MD In My Dreams" preset (Scene 4).
  6. C

    [Indie Rock] [Q10.01] "That's Not Love" / "Tiger Teeth" (cover)

    Hello! My band just released our new single "That's Not Love" with the b-side "Tiger Teeth" (Walk The Moon cover) All guitars / bass were tracked (except "Chances (Acoustic)") with the AxeFX II XL, firmware Q10.01. Some post processing done, particularly for the bass. Guitars are mostly the...
  7. Genghis

    Old Black Dove Song Revisited

    So, I decided to do a remake of a song I haven't played in almost 30 years. It's from the band Black Dove, which I played in way back in the big hair days. We made the trek from Oregon to Southern Cal in 1986 to see how we could do in the SoCal scene. Had a lot of fun, and got some attention...
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