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no output

  1. BTU

    [SOLVED] Axe-Fx Standard: Problems with Output 1

    Hi there! I can’t find solution, need some help, please... I’m using the Axe Fx Standard for couple years now and finally faced a big problem today :( I’ve set it up as always: Guitar->AxeFx(front input)->StereoFRFR(from Output 1 unbalanced, left and right), and noticed that there is no signal...
  2. A

    AX8 not detecting input

    Hey guys, There seems to be a problem with my recently purchased AX8.Internally it seems to be working perfectly but I am unable to get a input signal from my guitar to the Ax.Basic connection from guitar to AX8 and bal L to amp. It flashes the midi in, instead of the instrument in on the...
  3. CoffeePunk73

    Audio output almost nonexistent

    Got back from a gig, plugged my axefx II plus in, and I usually use the usb to play through my mac into the speakers I have set up. Got it all set up, got ready to play, and couldn't hear anything. I looked on the input/output screen, and the input is good, but the output barely registers. I can...
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