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  1. ZebulaJams

    Just bought Axe-Fx III

    So I just bought this rig and I was super stoked to get it. So far, the experience hasn't been the best. There is no help with understanding the device, you have to Google random forums and reddit posts to find out that you have to update the firmware and install the proper drivers, and figuring...
  2. E

    What is he using?!?

    Hi guys, I thought this was the best place to be for this. I am currently a fan of Tramaine's album Heavy Balance, but I cannot find what he is using for his sound. I am only guessing that he uses axe-fx because its a great tone and he is a great professional. If possible to get an idea of the...
  3. 4

    New user, need help setting up Axe Fx 2 and Cubase, please!!

    Hello all, I've got an Axe-Fx II, new to Axe-Fx, and Cubase 8, new to Cubase as well. I've been looking around online all day and have decided that I need some expert help. Basically what I want to achieve is to just be able to record some guitar parts on my computer over an audio track or...
  4. jdiz86

    MFC 101: will it be discontinued AND buying used vs new/direct?

    I plan to get the MFC-101 mkIII in 2-6 months... Should I be concerned about the MFC getting discontinued within this time frame? Also, I'm located in Canada, and when searching for the MFC used, it is listed higher than direct from FAS. What is up with that? Reverb and Ebay. Not much...
  5. Guillaume Lortie



    The new Misha Mansoor Cab Pack is here... "soon"!

    EDIT: The pack is now available here: http://shop.fractalaudio.com/Cab_Pack_ML_USA_Djent_p/fas-801-0036.htm Here are some clips: Okay so me and Misha have been talking about a new pack that would have to be a game changer. We wanted something super mean sounding. In your face, a little bit...
  7. Fictitiousfreedom

    New to the fractal family!

    I've been dreaming about a fractal of somekind or another for years and finally took the plunge, I sold my tube amps and bought an AX8. I'm absolutely in love. I'm not 100% sure about live use yet, mainly because the local clubs and bars have crap sound guys if any at all, but I may just get a...
  8. Niels Beier

    New to FX8

    Hi guys, I just got a second hand FX8 Mk I, and I'm really stoked on integrating this in my setup - however, I'm an analog caveman - your digital and midi-controlled effects confuses me! Currently I'm running a Marshall JVM410hJS, which I controll all the switching on via MIDI, while running...
  9. shaunb

    ML Brit Collection 2 Hard Rock tone test - HBE, BE and Fryette D60M

    Here's a quick test of some new IRs in the works from ML Sound Lab. UPDATE: This was recorded with a couple of single mic IRs from the new Brit Collection 2. Amps used are Friedman HBE and BE (the old one, not V1 or V2), the Fryette D60M is in there too. Bass tracked with the Citrus Bass 200...
  10. S

    I've finally got my Axe fx 2, which presets should I try first?

    After an all too lengthy battle with ups (seriously what a miserable company, but thank you to Julia at ups vancouver for being the only person in the company who made an effort to help me), I've finally received my axe fx!!! I couldnt be more excited!! Just wondering if you guys had any presets...
  11. Actal Fraudio

    New here: Need help finding the best patches for doing some bluesy leads on video

    Looking for the best patch for a clear glassy pushed blues tone to do a vid. Should sound natural and tube-like and slightly pushed. Got a Jericho Guitar--> Axe Fx II with the Quantum --> Apogee Duet --> Logic Pro X --> 8" Monitors on my Ikea desk, ha. Any help would be super appreciated, im...
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