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  1. Entasis

    List of parameters that can have a modifier assigned to them

    Amp Bypass Level Input Drive Overdrive Bass Mid Treble High Treble Presence Depth Master Volume Input Trim Input Boost Cut Fat Bright Switch Saturation Switch Boost Level Variac Tremolo Freq Tremolo Depth Input EQ Frequency Input EQ Gain Input EQ Definition Output EQ (On/off) Output EQ All Bands...
  2. Entasis

    Regularize all the modifiers in Drive block

    Is there a reason that the Bass, Mid, Treble and Mid Frequency knobs are sometimes assignable to a modifier and other times not (bolded below)? Would it be possible to make them all assignable? BB Pre Gain Bass Treble Bender Fuzz Drive Tone Tone Bit Crusher Drive Tone...
  3. D

    Bug? Every Modifier Has the Same Settings

    Hey everyone, Since last update (Ares1.03), I haven't been able to use the ADSR since it's settings don't appear to change, it looks just like LFO settings. I noticed every modifier has the same settings too. This used to happen before this update, but just in the Axe-edit, in the Axe I was...
  4. HurdyGuigui

    FC : Send specific value of modifier in %

    Currently, control switches can only send 100% (ON) or 0% (OFF) values of modifier. I would like to be able to send a specific value of a modifier with switch presses, (IE : ON = 64%, OFF = 12%) This way we could have different switches controlling the same parameter with different values.
  5. Don Watters

    Wish Tuner - enable Input Source to be used with modifier

    The tuner is dependent on a given input source. My presets use multiple input sources, depending on what guitar I’m playing. I would like to be able to set the tuner input source, similar to how the multiplexer is assignable. If I could use the multiplexer as the tuner input source, so much...
  6. Henry

    Doable: Auto-Engage Modifier in one scene, Bypass in another?

    Here is my scenario: I have a Wah in Scene 1 with a Modifier on Control using Expression 1, and Auto Engage On (Med Pos). I would like Wah to be totally off in Scene 2 (so I can use Expression 1 for something else). I see in the manual that Modifiers settings are shared between Channels of a...
  7. Armando

    Expression pedal modifier value resets when changing patches

    Greetings! So I'm using my POD HD500x as a MIDI controller for my Axe FX II, and I have the expression pedal of the POD set up to control External 1. On the Axe I have a Volume block in all my presets which are controlled by external 1. The problem is, no matter what position the pedal is in...
  8. rcv24

    wahwah always on?

    I'm using an Axe-FX II XL+ with MFC-101 and Mission Engineering SP-1. All firmware and presets are the latest. SP-1 is connected to XP1 (pedal sweep) and XP2 (toe switch) with TRS cables. I followed AxeFXtutorials.com on how to set the SP-1 up for use as a way and the switch as on/off. Then...
  9. Smittefar

    Looper: Stop recording and start playback using Modifier?

    So, here's what I want to do I want to use my scene 1 sound to record a loop, and then I want to solo using my scene 2 sound. So I want to start recording when I am in scene 1, but then when I hit scene 2, I want playback to start. According to the AxeFX manual, this should be doable. I...
  10. SoProg

    Control Switch Modifier Lag Problem

    Hey all. So, I was one of those people who was posting a bunch about an issue I was experiencing when making a clean/rhythm/lead preset using amp gain modifiers. The problem was that when I would change scenes going from high gain to low, there would be a very loud sound, seemingly because when...
  11. AndrewKirkland

    Can the Behringer fcb1010 buttons be used as momentary switches for External Controllers?

    Curious if the behringer fcb1010 can be programmed so that a button like 1,2,3, or 4 can be an external controller. Like a momentary switch set to continuous( Hold down the button and have the behavior/parameter change but once you lift off the pedal/button have it go back to regular). I'd...
  12. SoProg

    Help I have another problem -_- expression pedal vol/wah

    Hi guys, You've been mostly helpful in the past by suggesting approaches to problems I have with my AX8, so, here's another one. So I have this preset ( I know you're gonna ask for it, I can post later, I just want to know if anyone can solve this off the top of their head), I am using an...
  13. spiderWAW

    Implemented Modifieres assign to FS

    I would like to have ability to assign few modifiers, X/Y etc to any FS (think Boss... or even Line 6).
  14. SoProg

    Problem with modifiers! FIXED IN Q3.02!

    Hello all, This is my first post, but I've been lurking since last October, learning as much as I can before I got my AX8. So, I just got the ax8 and am loving it. There was a concern about being able to have a good clean and a good dirty sound in the same preset with reasonable switching...
  15. brianv4

    Assign Modifier to a Footswitch?

    I'd like to make footswitch 5 engage the amp's saturation parameter for my plexi preset. Can it be done?
  16. reclavea

    Bug? Edit modifier controllers...ie..LFO 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B ..etc not function

    Edit modifier controllers...ie..LFO 1A, 2A, 1B, 2B ..etc not functioning properly.
  17. Toopy14

    Quantum 1.03 Modifier Value [NOT A BUG]

    Is this a bug...shouldn't the numbers change? https://www.dropbox.com/s/ry83lwz6050gqiq/Q-1.03-Modifier.avi?dl=0
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