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  1. Hyper Planet

    Our new Progressive Metal/Rock project! [Snippet 6], ML USA DJENT + GGD

    Hey dudes here's our sixth snippet off of our new musical project which is called : Blasting The Wine we're making music together with so much passion and love please check my Instagram page for watching the other snippet we will complete the whole snippets to full length songs I play the...
  2. Hyper Planet

    Hyper Planet Bassist - Blood flowing with ''Glasgow Kiss'' - ML USA Bass

    Hey guys this is my brother, Armin is moving the fingers with "Glasgow Kiss", Before recording the another song from our forthcoming album "Hyper Planet" this is what He's doing right for blood flowing. in this clip Armin is using two IRs from ML USA Bass cab-pack
  3. Hyper Planet

    ML USA Bass & ML Bulb Zilla - My composition for Strandberg competition 2016

    Hi guys :), this song is my own composition for Strandberg competition 2016 this song is called: ''Through The Hedonic Circulation'', in this song my brother used 3 IRs from the newest Cab-Pack by MLSOUNDLAB which are : 1- ML USA Bass R121 A1 [ Riff, slap and popping] 2- ML USA Bass SM 57 A1...
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